Aug 8, 2014

Playing Charades In Allentown

It wasn't that many years ago that I was asked by the former merchants of Hamilton Street to attend a meeting with them at Allentown City Hall. They were being approached and threatened by strawbuyers, and wanted to know what was going on. At the first meeting the city denied responsibility, feinted concern, and scheduled a second meeting.

This week residents of Allentown are being asked their opinion about the city's future by four paid consulting firms. In reality, the last thing the Powers That Be care about is your opinion. This is just another charade to justify the next phase of their development plan. Although the city supposedly had parking and traffic figured out two years ago, that is the speciality of one of firms hired. Another stated objective is how to redevelop the more challenging downtown properties. In an earlier post, I explained how the Parking Authority was selling off the surface lots near the arena to chosen developers, for more new buildings, in the taxpayer financed NIZ. Allentown will solve both the parking and blighted property problems by simply tearing down areas adjacent to the NIZ tax zone, for large surface lots.

A conventional candidate for the State House wouldn't be explaining how these tricks work, he would be backstage with the performers. Needless to say, I'm not a conventional candidate. On the contrary, I'm an independent, who is offended that local politicians delude the public, and pay for it using public money.


Anonymous said...

I still have to ask "Where will they come from?", the people that is.

I cannot wait to see the mayhem of openning night with The Eagles. That will be entertainment.

Thanks for your diligence in pursuing these issues, Michael.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:08, thank you. that is why i'm asking all of lehigh valley to contribute to my campaign as state rep for the 183rd. i want to take the same diligence to harrisburg, for everybody's sake

doug_b said...

@mm: "I want to take the same diligence.."

The revolution is over. Our government (especially the Federal government) has taken over most of our freedoms.

Without sounding like a 'nut case', the only remedy (in the US Constitution) is for the states to call a Constitutional Convention, and put a stop to the antics of our elected officials.

If you haven't, tune in the Mark Levin radio show sometime. This guy will give you a lot of 'ammo'

michael molovinsky said...

doug @2:40, although i consider myself a student of local, county and state legislation, and try to keep informed on national and international issues, i do not listen to pundits, left or right. the incumbent in the 183rd specializes in giving certificates and tours of the state house. she has had one piece of legislation in 20 years. after so long, ten terms, her constituents don't even realize that they're not being represented. diligence would be a huge change for this district.