Jul 31, 2014

The Harhart Emergency

The taxpayer paid postage incumbent Julie Harhart has been making hay with soft campaigning, masqueraded as state business. In August, she will be holding an Emergency:Be Prepared Seminar and Expo at a middle school in South Whitehall. The real emergency facing local residents is Harhart's stagnation in Harrisburg. She has initiated only one piece of legislation in 20 years, but did manage to vote herself a 50% pension increase for life. Although she presents any money coming the district's way with great local fanfare, none of it resulted from any advocacy on her part. It's time for the residents of the 183rd to think independently.


Anonymous said...

As yet anoter edited out news media weekend of edited out statistically local political edited out release to the public¿
There is you MM, the independand working to get in for the peoples best intrest! Thanx for not only your work in trying to accomplish true change in local politics, but also the reporting of the true nature of cheerleading backers of the non trickle down effect that is not making it to the people it is intended for but private pockets¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Focus on YOUR campaign and how you're going to "fix" Harrisburg; no need to denigrate your opponent

All I hear from you is how by running independently there's going to be some great change.

Let's hear some specifics other than saving Wehr Dam.

michael molovinsky said...

anonymous, but not unknown antagonist @9:59. there is a need to call out this opponent. she has been there so long that her constituents think that a handshake and birthday card constitute representation. she refused to debate her primary opponent. although she said that she supports the concept of pension reform, she criticized corbett for vetoing her walking around money. the full taprooms by noon, and the chronic empty storerooms of both slatington and northampton, speak poorly of her accomplishments in harrisburg. her taxpayer funded campaign literature is full of misrepresentations. her latest mentions her last law, without noting that it was her first and only law.