Jul 29, 2014

Lehigh Valley's Emergency Ordeal

The recent full page advertisement promoted Lehigh Valley Hospital as rated tops in ten different medical specialties. We've seen promotions for their new fitness center at the arena. What we don't read about is patients lying on gurneys in hallways, waiting up to 24 hours to be admitted through the emergency room on Cedar Crest Blvd. What we don't read about is patients being transferred from Chew Street to Cedar Crest, because of limited diagnostic procedures and services available at the Chew Street location. Although I'm no expert on this situation, I do know that sitting in an emergency room for five, ten or twenty hours doesn't help anybody's condition.

There's plenty of room at the new fitness center,  at the emergency department, not so much.


Anonymous said...

I had a very unpleasant experience in the Cedar Crest E.R. this past winter.
I won't be going back if there is any alternative.

Anonymous said...

Local hospitals sure have a lot of money to advertise and disperse givaways at the Ironpigs game. The problem is not financial.

Anonymous said...

And to think the full effect of Obamacare and our wide open borders are YET to kick-in.

Americans, it time to speak out. Forget Party, just support what is logical.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

In the spring I visited a relative in the ER at Cedar Crest. The conditions were deplorable. One word filthy. Arrogance of resident staff and misdiagnosis are common. Many people in this community suffer because of no access to care like many who cannot afford electricity. Seems corporations view of helping the community is to become sports moguls instead of elevating despair and suffering.

Anonymous said...

Try going to Sacred Heart, they charge $22.00 for 2 tylenols. This should fall under some price gouging law but its a Hospital so they dont care. They should call it rip your heart out and wallet hospital. There's nothing Sacred about that place but the in god we trust dollar