May 24, 2014

One Question, Yes or No

One of the things I find perplexing as a candidate is people's readiness to accept or reject you on your answer to one question. They are usually the hot button issues, such as gun control, abortion and unions. Never mind that they may not be in the purview of the state government. Never mind that they may not know how the other candidates really feel on the subject. These one topic, yes or no questions come from people in all walks of life, from high school dropouts to physicians. Although I prize core values,  the voters should also want to know that  their representative  has the skill set to employ due diligence on all the other topics.  Harrisburg is so broken and deadlocked by monkeys in empty suits, with empty heads, who keep pushing the same buttons.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Empty suits are for closets- not the Legislature.

Think Independently.

I plan to!

Anonymous said...

The first comment is direct and to the point? Instead of bernies shit slinging stories your picture give me a gut busting laugh this morning as most public officials in local entities as such depicted are just that?

Thank you MM for the entertainment of this yet another edited out weekend and a holiday one at that, listen to the police scanner as it will be active?

patent pending