May 23, 2014

Friday Nights In Slatington

This past month I have taken to spend a couple hours each Friday evening in Slatington. It's quaintness masks a frustration about the lack of jobs and opportunity there, the taprooms outnumber the stores. Local Slatedale Republican Marc Grammes beat 10 term incumbent Julie Harhart at the polls there on Tuesday. I hope to earn the vote of his supporters come November. I look forward to meeting some of them this evening, at Darla's Ice Cream Parlor, between 6 and 8.
photo by K Mary Hess


K Mary said...

Another Friday night, another delicious grilled ham-n-cheese sandwich! See you there!

michael molovinsky said...

ms. mary@6:29, between the food, chocolate malts and 50's theme, i couldn't have asked for a better outpost for my campaign.