May 7, 2014

Hardscrabble In Slatington

Main Street in Slatington is incredibly attractive, a true historic gem of Americana. Behind that charming architectural veneer are vacant storefronts, poverty and despair. Recently, a primary opponent of the incumbent State Representative appeared on Bobby Gunther Walsh. Gunther asked him why he was running against her, as if she was anointed for life. Over her long reign, she certainly has consolidated power. I learned that Monday evening, when my Meet and Greet at the Legion Hall was canceled. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on Main Street, learning about the unemployment and rampant disability plaguing present day Slatington. This coming Friday afternoon I have scheduled another Meet and Greet. I look forward to being a voice for those living behind the historic facade, in the reality of Slatington.


Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake our Founding Fathers made was not puting term limits in the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Ref. "Anonymous" 11:54 AM I would add that this applies to our States Constitution as well. Especially here in Harrisburg Pa......PJF

Anonymous said...

We have term limits--we call them elections.

RS said...

Elections don't mean much when gerrymandering results in no one running against the incumbents.
Unless things have changed a great deal in the last few years, a rep in PA is more likely to die in office than be voted out.
Can't prove it, but it looks like they have a higher likelihood of going to jail than dying in office too if the last few years are any consideration.
"We elect the finest men and so we elect them again and again."