May 6, 2014

Disenfranchising Democracy

We often hear of voters being disenfranchised. Supposedly, some voters were turned away in Florida during recent elections. Here, in Pennsylvania, voters currently do not even have to have picture ID to vote. Although we advocate for the electors right to choose, we allow the system to greatly reduce their choice. Locally, the Democratic candidate for state house in district 131 was thrown off the ballot yesterday. In most of the districts this year, the voters will have no choice, with only the incumbent on the ballot. Also yesterday, I was victimized by the political status quo. My campaign had made arrangement with the Legion Hall in Slatington to conduct a meet and greet. I was simply a tenant renting a room, and in no way being endorsed by that group. Details were discussed with long term officers, down to specific snacks that I would be bringing. Less than 24 hours before the event was to occur, we received a call that the event must be canceled. I will avoid disclosing details of that conversation, but will say that democracy is not on the menu at the Legion tonight. However, those hungry for choice will still find me in Slatington today.

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