Feb 11, 2014

The Winter of My Discontent

With the forecast of another snowstorm coming Wednesday evening, my memory turns to the winter of 1993-94. I was living on a long corner on Union Street, in Hamilton Park. By this time in 1994, the path from my front door to the sidewalk was like a snow tunnel, with walls over three feet high. The busy intersection had a crossing guard, and it was important that I kept the corner clear, constantly digging through the plow curl from two directions.  The reason I remember that winter wasn't because of my house, but at the time I maintained buildings in center city. My days consisted mostly of salting, chopping and shoveling, one property after another, from one snowstorm after another. Driving my station wagon, filled with 50lb. salt bags, up the alleys was like a kiddie ride at Dorney Park, the ruts would steer the car, no hands were necessary. This post and the previous one are somewhat unusual for me. I have for the most part maintained a privacy wall between my business and my blogging. Tomorrow evening, The Tenant Association of Allentown will complain to City Council about slumlords; I thought that in the interest of balance I would give a glimpse into conscientious landlording. Although the meeting might be cancelled once again because of the snow, Allentown's many good landlords will still be out shoveling the sidewalks.

photocredit:The Morning Call/Dumping snow off the former Tilghman Street Bridge into the Jordan Creek


Anonymous said...


You had a property on my street. It was well maintained and the one time there was a problem with a tenant we were able to contact you and you were on top of it.
I know several property owners, they care about their properties and try to make sure their rentals are good neighbors.

Scott Armstrong

Bethlehem Native said...

I was attending college in the snowbelt of Upstate New York that winter. When I came home for Spring break, I couldn't wait to get back to Upstate NY and away from the piles of snow!