Feb 12, 2014

Morning In The Parks

Although I have been profoundly disappointed by the Pawlowski administration and City Council in my efforts to defend our unique park features, I have not allowed that defeat to deprive me of one of the benefits of Allentown, enjoying the beauty of the parks. The winter provides a certain magic in the parks, for those who can cope with the cold. This particular winter requires some discipline, but the rewards are there. Recently, I came within six feet of a Blue Heron, standing still while fishing in a creek.



Bill said...

Great photo, it sure is still a beautiful park, but I agree with you that it needs some TLC. And the WPA masonry work is such a very valuable part of our heritage that we should not squander.

Anonymous said...

Glorious picture MM,

Thanx be to uncle Harry and his team of engineers that most just were a bunch of farmers? Just one thing does anyone out in siberspace think the Allentown engineers of today could even measure up? Or at best orcastrate mass desasters that have plauged Allentown in recent times? Snow ReMoval on nonpervious streets of Allentown pa with the huge potholes?

patent pending

ironpigpen said...

Spectacular photography ... Thanks for sharing, Tovarich


Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Is that Muhlenberg Pond? I was recently there on a cold winter morning and wished I had a camera to capture the beauty of the vapor rising from the water and the ethereal patterns formed by powdery snow blowing across the frozen parts. Whatever the location, you've done it beautifully - thank you!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Beautiful pic, MM! Wow! Vety artistic.