Feb 18, 2014

The Transfiguration of Allentown

Pawlowski calls it transformative. I then began referring to it as the transformation. However, that word does not do the expectations justice. After all, Pawlowski thought that he could ride this donkey into Harrisburg. Every city in Pennsylvania now wants a version of the magic tax loophole. Although the results still remain to be seen, careers are changing on the expectations. Both Mann and Browne are retiring to lucrative lobbying positions as a result. While this blog reported last year that we now live in Reillyville, and that his lordship purchased almost the entire square block of Walnut Street, the Morning Call reporters have now done a feature on that story. If they can write themselves a ticket out of here with charts and graphs, like some of their predecessors did helped somewhat from my scoops, remains to be seen. Needless to say, the expectations of the arena will exceed the reality, it always does. The nation is littered with urban failures. The only insurance against a white elephant is leaving before it makes it first big mess.

UPDATE: The graphic map prepared by The Morning Call omitted two major Hamilton Street properties obtained by Reilly's City Center, the former Colonial Theater site near 5th Street, and the Gallery On The Mall, in the 900 block. The Call's feature story also failed to mention that Reilly was fronted $20million dollars by the Arena Authority,  which he used to acquire all the properties.



Anonymous said...

Browne is retiring? Are you sure?

michael molovinsky said...

@7:17, I am not sure, rumor has it that he will not seek re-election

Anonymous said...

Setting aside the arena, does everyone understand what happens in the future when one of the office buildings is sold?

In other words, who is listed as seller of the building and makes the financial gain?

Surely, this 'magic' funding to construct real estate with taxpayer dollars has a clause in each agreement that requires tax dollars used to build will be RETURNED to the taxpayers from the proceeds of sale at the settlement table.

Is this not correct?

Anonymous said...

Very comparable too but not limited to disfiguration, distrust, disgust distastful, disenfranchizedand the list could go on too infinitium?
With this very contrivershal to say the leest, for this type of trangretional tranformation resurgance of downtown allentown pa?

We have all seen this many many many times over before?

patent pending

TAOA said...

City Center also owns the 7-eleven at 7th and linden st. From what we heard is he is trying to buy other properties in the 700 block of linden but some of the owners won't sell.