Feb 19, 2014

Steven Ramos Announces His Candidacy For District 22

Steven Ramos announces his candidacy for the newly drawn 22nd State House District.
"I'm running because it's imperative to have a representative that fights for the best interest of our families and our community. My initial priority is focusing on reforming parts of our government that put unnecessary burdens on our families."
Steven attended Trexler Middle School and William Allen High,  before serving 4 years in the Army. He and his wife Josie have been married for eighteen years and have four children. Steven has worked as an Information Technology professional, managing server systems and networks for the past 16 years. He served as Executive Director of the Lehigh County Republican Committee, and has served on various campaigns reaching out to the Hispanic community.  He has continuously helped with the vision of restoring Allentown to a strong vibrant community.
"We have a very unique opportunity to have a new voice fighting for our best interests. I look forward to the campaign ahead and starting to visit our residents in the community to listen to their concerns."
Editor's note: I'm delighted that the new district will have a Republican candidate who happens to be Hispanic, and that Mr. Ramos permitted molovinsky on allentown to make the initial announcement.

UPDATE:   Steven Ramos Website


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first here to congratulate Steven on his decision to run. I have known him for a number of years now, and cannot think of a more methodically thoughtful, dedicated, and well educated person. While being extremely knowledgeable about the issues facing Allentown in general,
he will represent all of us admirably into the future.....PJF

alfonso todd said...

Congrats to Steve Ramos. I had the privilege of making his acquaintance during my campaign. He is a great individual!

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Mr. Ramos.

Anonymous said...

He has to overcome a difficult political environment.

Needs to really practice public speaking too.(very weak)

Should get enough money from the GOP county cash machine.

Anonymous said...

As another edited out news weekend is upon us looking forward to a history story? Have you changed your format MM or is it the TRANSFORMATION of you too?

This man like the two and a third propped up, he will also sellout to whitey just like many a blight sellers in history?

patent pending

michael molovinsky said...

@12:24, i've never heard steven speak publicly, and that certainly isn't a criterion for my vote.

@7:54, i've known steven for several years. he is very committed to the principles of personal responsibility and self reliance.