Jan 27, 2014

The Return of Governor Pawlowski

Last year when cities all over Pennsylvania were clamoring for the type of development occurring in Allentown, and with Governor Corbett's dismal polling numbers, a Pawlowski run made sense, at least to Ed Pawlowski. With campaign contribution reports due at the end of the month, this blog believes that Governor Pawlowski will return to being a mayor. Unless a number of very deep pockets came forward, Ed's viability as a candidate will have waned. His campaign manager, Mike Fleck, has given no indication to the contrary in a recent local television show. Although the imported office jobs will increase the lunch traffic for downtown eateries, the sought after dinner crowd will not materialize. Despite Obama's speeches, the economy remains impaired. Locations which do not have Allentown's perceived grime and crime, such as the Promenade Mall, could not support more than a couple upscale restaurants. Much hype has gone into the Transformation of center city. The suburban middle class people populating the artist renderings will not turn into real people on the street. Let's hope for the sake of  Pawlowski's career plans that he finds another ticket to ride out of town, before the new arena becomes a white elephant.


Anonymous said...

He could become the meteator for the public servants pension problem as he helpped create and add too the local issue? With hopes and dreams of adding to the state level public sector Triple Dip into that pensions allocations too?

I was so hoping for one of your local history stories?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked fast Ed what the plans are for policing the new downtown? Especially in the 5-7 p.m. hours when people are walking several blocks to their cars.

Funny, too, how tax cuts are anathema to libs like mayor Ed. They never acknowlege the economic growth that follows. Unless, of course, when his buddies are the recipients of said tax cuts.

Thanks to the NIZ, CRIZ, FIZZ, etc. 'we're all supply siders now'.