Jan 28, 2014

State of The City Called Allentown

When Mayor Pawlowski gives the State Of The City speech on Friday at the Hilton at 9th and Hamilton, will he say next year when I speak at the new hotel, this place will be a flop house? Speaking of flop houses, lately the local news has been dominated by the poor and the homeless. What a juxtaposition these new buildings make with Allentown's walking poor. While community activists demand that some of the new jobs in the Arena Zone  go to the local underemployed, and many public dollars will be spent on administering such training programs, the actual hired employees wouldn't be able to fill a closet at the new hotel. Nobody need worry about those realities at the speech on Friday. Nobody need worry about the difficulties facing the already challenged Allentown School District. Friday's speech, which will be limited to figures, numbers, and graphs about the new buildings and the promise of Transformation, will be applauded by the cheerleaders, and reported by the media.


Anonymous said...

Allentown's homeless problem will get a HUGE boost as soon as the arena opens. Really.

All that new floor space, with bathrooms, showers, etc. Probably room for 1000 to sleep. I mean, what's the answer going to be in time of need, "Aw, no. We can't do that?"

. . . . and why not, Mr. Mayor?

Anonymous said...

What an appropriate venue!

Hasn't Pawlowski already transformed the Hilton into a Holiday Inn?

Rich Fegley said...

Yes, transformed from a Hilton to a Crown Plaza back to a Hilton and now currently a Holiday Inn.


I can't find the State of the City speech on the City's website.

Is it just me or does the City's website kinda suck? The style of the site changes here and there and it just feels so pieced together. Confusing.

michael molovinsky said...

rich@8:19, i have some good news for you, mayor pawlowski isn't scheduled to give the speech until tomorrow, so you may still attend