Jan 13, 2014

No Room At The Inn

Although it's campaigns took in over $2 million dollars in contributions last year, WFMZ reported that the Allentown Rescue Mission rejected some homeless during last week's record cold,  despite having empty beds. The Rescue Mission, with a $3 million dollar annual budget, has become very administrative, just hiring a Development Director, and seeking a new CEO. Meanwhile, Reverend Baumann at St. Pauls Lutheran Church on South 8th Street, has actually been giving the homeless shelter from the cold, with a $6 thousand dollar budget. With that modest amount of money he served the homeless over 300 times last year. Community activists Diane Teti and Rich Fegley have also lent their energy to this homeless crisis. They intend to bring the problem to the attention of City Council Wednesday evening. A town spending $600 million on new development should be able to provide some warmth to their unfortunate.


Anonymous said...

Some sad times we live in.

Chris Glennon

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is more to the story. I know the Rescue Mission has certain rules that exclude some people (criminals, addicts, etc).

I believe their mission goes beyond just sheltering people, and they don't simply consider themselves a homeless shelter.

michael molovinsky said...

@1:20, as the link i provided to the wfmz report states, the rescue mission requires a police voucher, which in turn requires proper photo ID to acquire. the homeless are not exactly the organized type. when it's 2 degrees outside, which is life threatening, such rules should be waived.

Anonymous said...

Much credit and thanks to Dick Baumann and St. Pauls. Allentown is fortunate they're here.

Agree with you Mike rules go away when it's that cold outside.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

For a state id you need to show proof of residency. Tax records, mortgage docs, lease agreement, w2 forms and or a utility bill. These should be easy for someone living under a bridge to provide to show proof of residency.