Jan 14, 2014

Logging South Mountain

Rich Fegley doesn't know what to worry about next. In addition to the water lease, the trash and sewage to energy plant, the homeless, now he's discovered that they're logging South Mountain. In a furry of emails today between Fegley and Chris Kocher of the Wildland's Conservancy, Fegley was assured that the logging is occurring on privately owned land. Not to throw gasoline on the fire, but Fegley should know that this blog disclosed several years ago that Allentown had plans, and even a contract, to log the mountain. The Morning Call picked up on my scoop, and the ensuing story embarrassed Pawlowski into backing off the plan. At that time neither the Conservancy, the Allentown Environmental Advisory Council, or the local college science professors expressed any objection. Today, Fegley copied all the above parties and media with his concerns. From my recent experience with the Conservancy and the environmentalists mentioned, concerning the dam at Robin Hood, I wouldn't take their word on anything.
in the picture above the light green wooded area is under supervision of The Wildland's Conservancy
The Conservancy, with the support of the "environmentists", demolished the dam and piled the broken dam rubble around the stone bridge piers, depreciating a place of beauty since 1941.


Prolifick Radio said...

nothing, and I mean nothing is sacred anymore.

Bill said...

Not my area of expertise, but I am wondering if all the proper environmental impact reports were done on this. It seems like whatever is not mailed down in Allentown is slated to be cashed in (or harvested). How sad.

michael molovinsky said...

bill@12:24, so far in the email chain fegley has been told that everything is fine by the conservancy, a member of the EAC, and the park director, the very people he was complaining to. apparently, fegley should have more faith in those who watch out for us.

Anonymous said...

Rich Fegely is a big Progressive Liberal Democrat phony.

He knows damn well that he does not want to run the risk of pissing off the very same apparatchiks who will, sooner or later, be giving The Brewworks ANOTHER round of generous grant monies from Government.

You know it and so do I, Comrade Molovinsky.


Soviet Red Army (ret)

michael molovinsky said...

rolf, fegley may be a liberal, but he's no phony. he has fought hard against the incinerator and the water lease. as a major business owner on hamilton street, that requires courage.
but let me take you to task, although bill villa attacks and harasses over 70 people in this community, i'm about the only one to speak out against his cyberbullying. you came on that post with your col. viktor stuff and claimed that he doesn't attack you. you may want to look more closely at his blog, where he attacks you and others in your family history on a regular basis. i provided a venue for you and his other victims to speak out, but almost of you were curiously silent.

Anonymous said...

LOL "Crickets" (Pussies)

But your certainly openly cruising for a bruising you're self their Mr Molovinski, be careful.

michael molovinsky said...

@4:46, aka bill villa, the threat machine

michael molovinsky said...

i did receive a reply from rolf oeler about bill villa, which i have decided not to publish. villa has a despicable habit of taking comments from this blog and attributing them to me. suffice to say that it's a small world in regard to villa, five people mentioned in this post and comments are on his enemy list.