Dec 20, 2013

Pawlowski's Parade

Today, Mayor Pawlowski will be leading a parade over the new 15th Street Bridge. While in his mind it's a great accomplishment, people of Allentown can only say it's about time. While the arena complex has been progressing with hundreds of workers, even at night and weekends, the bridge was a project in slow motion. Worse yet, Pawlowski owns some of the blame for the prior bridge's demise. As Community Development Director, starting in 2002, he allowed the metal bridge to continue rusting away. The rust continued under his tenure as mayor for two terms. Today's parade will be but one more video opportunity for his governor race, but will not impress the locals, who have been inconvenienced for years.


Anonymous said...

Is the bridge even completed?

Last time I drove past the bridge, it didn't appear that all the sidewalks were up to prevent pedestrians from falling off the bridge. Street lighting also seemed to be missing.

Anonymous said...

Comment above should read "sidewalls", not "sidewalks".

Anonymous said...

How many actual residents would have enjoyed a parade / celebration? Another example of people doing things just to say they did it and not having any true community involvement. The parade that nobody saw.... SMH

Alfonso Todd