Oct 19, 2013

Wildlands Conservancy Dictates Park Policy

In the picture above, a representative from the Wildlands Conservancy supervises the placement of the broken dam rubble around the bridge piers. Although this placement radically defiled the aesthetics of the classic bridge, no one from the park department or city was  assigned to overseer the project. This spring the new park director will receive an award from the Wildlands for his cooperation in conservation, and the Conservancy will announce the new projects for the park.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how man-made dam rubble is environmentally friendly.

Does A-town have a contract with Wildlands or something for all this work?

I don't trust the Conservancy ever since they wrote that dam removal study in Northampton County that was met only by laughter. The county, every town up and down the river and the LVPC condemned the study and its been quietly put away.

michael molovinsky said...

the allentown park system has become a vehicle for the Wildlands Conservancy to seek grant money from federal and state agencies for flavor of the month environmental projects. the city administration doesn't care about the traditional park system, and gives the Conservancy blanket permission. not one dollar has been budgeted for the WPA structures. a previous allocation for the entrance wall repair was never used as intended.

yes, northampton and easton defend their history.

Rich Fegley said...

Watching this unfold makes me very sad.

This shows me how SLOPPY Pawlowski and and Parks Department are. So sad.

Money. People chasing after money. Sick.

michael molovinsky said...

not everyone is sad, i received 10 comments in the last two days from the Blog Mentor, he's delighted seeing the "iconic" bridge defiled in such a way that crushes your feeble soul.
that's one sick, mean spirited SOB

Bill said...

Our parks have been shamed. This is so very wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rich, this is very sad. It's also a cheap way to dispose of the demolition debris. But that would be just cynicism....

The Banker

michael molovinsky said...

banker @10:29, all the choices speak very poorly of the wildlands and the administration.

1. either they knew the increased velocity would endanger the bridge, and lied to city council.

2. or they had no idea, lied to city council, and put the debris there to be safe.

3. they put it there for cheap disposal.

after viewing the horrendous disservice the debris caused the beautiful bridge, a "green" friend of mine wishes that the Conservancy had the integrity to stay away from this project.

I believe that no matter what the new park director accomplishes, he could never make up for the harm he has already caused.

Bill said...

I keep thinking of this blog post and wondering are our elected officials happy about the outcome of their actions? I would love to hear any of them go on record one way or the other.