Oct 18, 2013

The Lost Beauty Of Lehigh Parkway

                                                                         photography by Tami Quigley
This beautiful photograph was taken by Tami Quigley last fall. This classic view of the stone piers, rising out of the Little Lehigh, has been inspiring photographers and artists for over 70 years. I have picture postcards of the same view. The stone piers are now surrounded by the concrete rubble of the former dam. Although the rapids still provide some sound and view, the portion of beauty and magic has been reduced in half. The new park director may have set a record in park degradation. Although only here for a matter of weeks, before even having seen the whole park, he agreed and recommended that the Robin Hood Dam be demolished. Piling it's rubble by the stone piers is salt in the wound of our lost beauty.

photograph by Tami Quigley


Anonymous said...

Mike, it is a sad case of what the Mayor has done to our parks and city and will continue if he gets reelected.

monkey momma said...

I can't believe any "environmentalist" would look at these before and after pictures and be happy. This is what happens when good folks let grants dictate their actions. What a revolting and sad development.

Tami Quigley said...

Thanks so very much Michael for sharing my photo. Robin Hood Dell is indeed a gem in Lehigh Parkway and the City of Allentown.