Sep 17, 2013

The Budweiser Clydesdales Visit Allentown

                                                                   photograph by michael molovinsky
                                                                     photograph by michael molovinsky
                                                                    photograph by michael molovinsky

photocredit:michael molovinsky

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Anonymous said...

A 'dog and pony show' if there ever was one.

Allentown has so much to offer you, Comrade Molovinsky, if you would only just lose the obstructionism let the magic move the the City Without (Spending?) Limits forward in a Progressive manner.


Soviet Red Army (ret)

michael molovinsky said...

col.@3:39, it was the first dog and pony show that i have appreciated, although the ponies were rather large. as to your other point, this post has no purpose other than to share the enjoyment which the horses and wagon brought to the valley

Anonymous said...

Very cool to have them here!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Great pics! I liked your third best.

Kathy said...

Great pictures - thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Michael for the excellent pictures that You, my Wife and a good young friend of the family (Tim Miller) took, documenting this wonderful event. Unfortunately it was one of my physical rehab mornings, so I could not be there.
It was a very brief bright moment for Allentown, Coca Cola Park, and the Lehigh Valley....PJF