Sep 17, 2013

Can Allentown Round The Corner

                                                                               photo by michael molovinsky
At 11:00a.m. yesterday10th Street, between Walnut and Hamilton, looked very middle class. Suburban Allentown came downtown to see the Budweiser Clydesdales. As I stood on the front porch of a once nice apartment house, one by one, the sleepy residents came out. Yo, how the fu-k ya supposed to sleep with all this sh-t going on? I don't think Mr. Sleepy head, aka Mr. Nods, actually has a night job, but probably does business at night. I don't know what Pawlowski is going to do with Mr. Nods once the arena opens, but he won't make a good city ambassador.


UPDATE: I will post more Budweiser Clydesdale photographs this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Mike, if I'm correct 10th between Hamilton and Walnut is not in the NIZ, so Mr. Nods is allowed to live there?

However, he will not be permitted to venture east, unless it's to sell peanuts to rich white people going to hockey games and concerts. Or pull rickshaws.

Anonymous said...

But having said that, the Clydesdales being in town was pretty darn cool!

michael molovinsky said...

@10:47, the issues of race and class are very blurred in allentown, as elsewhere. the displacement of the previous businesses was certainly classist. the recent dropped attempt by the NIZ Authority to dictate what sort of businesses could operate in the NIZ was classist. people of color are being excluded by this classism. there is also a problematic element in allentown aided by political correctness. the town needs a tenant hall of shame much more than a landlord hall of shame.