Jun 12, 2013

Slim Pickins In Blogosphere

I feel sorry for you blog readers, it's slim pickins out there! The only must read is by Bernie O'Hare, but then you must wade through his neuroses. Between his battles with other bloggers and commenters, and his political mancrushes, reading it is exhausting. Then there's George Wacker and his tabloid titillater; I've never gotten beyond the titles to visit that 8th grade locker room. LVCI relies on cyber mining. His post today on swimming pools was a push/pull survey by the former park director two years ago, trying to justify building a water park at Cedar Park. Although the concept has already been rejected by Council and the Administration, it's new stuff to that net surfer. We mustn't forget Chris Casey and Poliblog. He uses a complex algorithm to come up with wrong predictions. Then there's me....


LVCI said...

"LVCI relies on cyber mining"
I've posted about this because the topic of pools came up at last at Wednesday's council meeting.. Guridy was speaking about the pools again and wanting to hear what the new parks director thinks after the director gets a chance to review the study.

Schweyer also chimed in about now prioritizing pools because the city has "more cash in the bank" after the water lease deal which has distracted council's from getting the pools done.

Your statement that.. "... the concept has already been rejected by Council and the Administration, it's new stuff to that net surfer" leads people to believe my pool posting is a dead fish from last April, when it clearly is not. We have council discussing it last Wednesday and council nudging the new parks director for what he intends to do with the pools. Therefore I think my post is time appropriate.

I'm asking myself why are you denigrating other people's blogs?
Since December 2008 I've provided links to every blog.. friend or foe and encouraged respect for other bloggers and their interests. A little MORE humility and a bit LESS competitiveness would be nice.

michael molovinsky said...

lvci@7:53, all of weitzel's studies were designed to justify his agenda. in this case he wanted to build an elaborate amusement park type water world park on the space between the cedar beach pool parking lot and hamilton street, along ott street. the only relevant pool question this season is whether fountain pool will be repaired and reopened. f.y.i, he proposing the same plan now in idaho.

apparently, it's not my nature to be complimentary. if you prefer, i can exclude your blog next time i discuss the local blogosphere

michael molovinsky said...

lvci, it's apparent that all the information in your comment from 7:53 actually comes from randy kraft's article of june 9th, on the wfmz website.

i often analyze articles in the morning call, but always with an acknowledgment, if not an actual link. while i'm roasting you, let me also criticize your habit of using u tubes and other material and saying courtesy of, when i use that term i ask the person first and get permission.

you will find my comments in the city council minutes of may 15, but i doubt if we will find you mentioned in the minutes of june 5. your blog is very much dependent on surfing the net, sorry if that revelation offended you.

Anonymous said...

Weitzels "studies" and polls were 100% certified bullshit.
Scams. Jokes.

LVCI said...

MM 8:08 am : "apparently, it's not my nature to be complimentary. if you prefer, i can exclude your blog next time i discuss the local blogosphere".

What I would prefer-- If anyone has concerns on any of my or on others who post, that they first address those concerns in the comment section so they or I could explain themselves. It makes it difficult to respond when I or anyone else has to check out a dozen or so other blogs in order to see what's being said about them. It's not only makes it a lot easier for the people who post, but makes more sense to keep these issues bundled at their point of origin for the readers.

I've been trying hard not get in a tangle with other bloggers and am desperately trying to remain in my own corner, but felt it necessary to clarify this here. Thanks and appreciation for allowing me to do that.

(In response to MM 9:10 am)-- That said... you do your blog as you see fit and I will continue to write the way I feel comfortable. I've never once critiqued your methods of blogging nor will I start now. The only thing I will say is, by sharing my interests with others it pleases me. Whether there be 10 or 10,000 readers (or you for that matter), I could care less.

michael molovinsky said...

lvci @10:31, it's not apparent to me how to comment on your blog, but i will remain one of your readers.

ironpigpen said...

Not everyone has the necessary courage to confront the outrageous spending and the silly comments of the Teachers Union President.

It's very understandable --- who really WANTS an IRS Audit?