Jun 13, 2013

Morning Call Cross Dressers

Blogger Bernie O'Hare has joined Bill White's infamous Hall of Fame. Although O'Hare does protest, White believed that he secretly hoped for admission. O'Hare admitted that just the nomination alone jacked up his viewership. Although Bernie's inclusion will increase his readership, there's a reluctance on the part of hard and soft copy readers to cross back and forth. Occasionally, I bump into someone who tells me that they haven't seen a letter by me in the paper recently, and that they enjoy them. I thank them for that, then explain that I have a blog, and write a piece almost every day. Next time I see the person we have the same conversation, over and over again, they just won't cross over. While hardcopy readers dwindle, it's hard for the papers to make up the loss with their websites. The hardcopy readers are stubborn, and the web readers fickle. Meanwhile, congratulations to O'Hare and his Lehigh Valley Ramblings.


Anonymous said...

It's ALWAYS been obvious to me that "bloggers" are constantly degraded, marginalized, etc. by a certain commercial class seeking to protect its turf.

Certainly, that has an effect on the willingness to change or even, perhaps, transform.

Oddly enough, the newspapers and other traditional media outlets steal from bloggers running around in their pajamas in their mother's basement all the time but whatever.


michael molovinsky said...

@6:34, i believe that white has borrowed a story line or two from o'hare; on the other hand, even bernie acknowledges that he has gotten some increased traffic from white's mention. in today's feature white even provided a link from mcall to ramblings, which may be a first.

Anonymous said...

"increased traffic"

I get paid the same no matter what.