Apr 18, 2013

Win, Place or Show With The Morning Call

The paper has been giving the water lease controversy good play, but I can't say the same about those candidates opposed to the lease. Although the digital version of the paper has treated the challengers well enough, the problem lies with the print edition. Independent candidate for mayor, Michael Donovan, had his initial announcement on the bottom of the 6th page. Yesterday, the same dismal spot was reserved for the council candidates opposing the water lease. It's my observation that the paper, for the most part, has two different audiences. Although the digital subscribers may now outnumber the old hard copy folks, it's those very dinosaurs who comprise the super voters. While the reporter, Emily Opilo, has been being fair with her writing, the layout editor has given the candidates poor placement.


Anonymous said...

I expect that this represents the way things will go in terms of political coverage.
Should make Darrell Hendrix happy.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture attached to this blog thread. These are the movers and shakers that when elected are going to put Allentown back in the running and on the map. Mark these words down. Nice picture!

Anonymous said...

Allentown could use a change. Increasingly it is an intolerable place to live. Aharts market was the scene late this afternoon of a group of middle school age thugs roving through the parking lot, slamming cars, and calling patrons stupid white f***ing b**ches. All the money in the world won't change this issue, the one that lies so often ta the core of poverty and the perpetuation of poor school performance. Hopefully some day these folks, those pictured above, might be able to make a change and kick in where the current administration fails to.

David Fehr Zimmerman