Apr 18, 2013

Dear School Board

The following email was sent to members of the Allentown School Board, Mayor Pawlowski and a school administrator.
Scott Armstrong
April 18, 2013
 Dear Board Members, First and foremost I want to say that this email is solely from me and is not on behalf of any other person or entity. I know emotions are high right now. I also know that you can state your views in a professional & respectful way. I have continually watched Scott Armstrong and his unprofessional behavior. He belittles people, talks to them in a condescending tone and then has the audacity to glare at people when they make statements or ask questions that he disagrees with or challenges his point of view. He may well be an intelligent, professional man trying to do what he feels is best for ASD and its students. It is one thing for him to treat adults with sarcasm but seeing him treat children that way is appalling. These are some of the very students he has been elected to protect and educate. He is being an abusive bully. When I sit and watch his antics and his disrespect of others I feel I am watching a somewhat educated version of comedian Jeff Dunham’s fictitious Bubba J. character, a man who is anything but professional, ethical or politically correct. His treatment of the Student Representatives to the Board is what has caused me to write this email. I know there are rules and regulations that the Board must follow. It is time for the Board to step up and do something about Mr. Armstrong’s behavior.
Carolyn Schafer 

Scott Armstrong send the following reply to the same email list.

Carolyn Schafer, Thank you for your concern regarding my “behavior” at school board meetings. With all due respect my response to you is that I have every right to say what I say and will continue to address the issues squarely and as I see fit.
Scott Armstrong

It is apparent that Armstrong certainly annoys Ms. Schafer, who is an officer with the Teacher's Union, but was writing independently of that affiliation. I'll grant Ms. Schafer that Scott does have mannerisms that could be interpreted as sardonic, but she goes on to approach character assassination. She goes on to describe him as an abusive bully. Bullying is the current hot button sin of education. It's nice that Ms. Schafer was treated to such gentlemanly behavior by previous school directors, but Armstrong was elected by the voters, and only they should decide his future on the school board.


Anonymous said...

What's with the quotation marks around behavior?

ironpigpen said...

Is this the very same Teachers Union that has no time to observe the fact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has plenty of money to build a $ 177.1 million dollar Palace of Sport ...

... but, apparently, not enough money to cover a $ 22.4 million budget gap in the City With No (Spending?) Limits?

Please advise.



Anonymous said...

Just starting to bubble over is a national push for a world order teaching methodology some at a recent school board member stated. Perhaps your readers know more and can tell us what is going on?