Apr 25, 2013

Tonight's Water Vote In Allentown

Earlier this week, Julio Guridy said I'm not sure how I'm going to vote on the water lease. That quote brought a smile to my usually dour face, I'm sure how he's going to vote. Julio should be forgiven for that incredible utterance, it's not easy presiding over civil unrest. I know that, because often I was on the other side of the dais, leading the torches and pitchforks. The circus, called Allentown City Council, never really judges the dog and pony shows on their merit, and in real time. Those decisions are made before hand, by a higher pay grade. Although the fat lady sings tonight, one council member may be allowed to join Eichenwald, and vote against the lease. 6 to 1, or 5 to 2, it won't matter, but could help Ray O'Connell in the primary, after a recent disclosure.

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Bill said...

I think your crystal ball is working. It is a sad day for representative government in Allentownn.

Anonymous said...

I too want to see how Ray O'Connell votes after the disclosure as well. I truly felt he was at least somewhat unbiased, his behavior on this issue has had me very uneasy, the disclosure of his sons new position made me wonder if that was the reason why he is now behaving this way. I hope he does the right thing - but we'll see this evening, won't we?

Anonymous said...

Bill it's not a sad day in Allentown, it's a glorious day.

The Allentown voters are getting exactly what they voted for - a Mayor who operates in back rooms and does not tolerate dissent and a council full of lapdogs (they were that way before the appointments) who are, with one exception, incapable of independent thought.

Problem is that Allentown keeps screwing the entire Lehigh Valley, but for the city itself you're getting exactly what you deserve and have elected multiple times.

Anonymous said...

Look for Pete Schweyer to vote no Wants to run for State House Seat

Anonymous said...

MM there is not a picture with the Dearpark water bottles in front of everyone except the iron lady ms Ecinwalt¿ Niether has there been a published picture of me and my Hole house filter¿ Tonight there will be one more showing before the vote¿

Wear redd

Anonymous said...

The vote could be 5-2 or 6-1 , but it only takes 4. Lots of opinions on the votes. Less than 12 hours to go???

Yes, it's been a lomg process(well over a year) and at times very emotional by all participants.

But, even if some people want to extend the discussion it's time to vote. A lot rhetoric from both sides at this point is just rehashed opinions on the issue.

It boils down to dealing with the mess created by the Roy A administration and council.

There is NO way to make the pension screwup go away. Right or wrong the public has to pay the bill for electing Roy.
The $150+ million pension shortfall needs to be handled.

Don't ever vote for candidates that are inept just because they are from the party you favor.Either way, no party has all winners and no losers.

michael molovinsky said...

@12:52, i wrote this before, and I write it again. in 2005, pawlowski the candidate for mayor had a power point presentation about the future costs of the police pension. he said that if elected, he would make arrangements to meet that cost. he never said that he would wait 8 years, then propose leasing the water system for 50 years. now, eight years later, it is mostly pawlowski's failure of planning.

Anonymous said...

Was it not palousy that was in the position of the head of the economic destruction of allentown for roy boy¿ It al boils down to all allentownians and surrounding communities will have a boil water before drinking put in place after this deal is done¿

Anonymous said...

The All-Star Rubber Stamp Council of Apparatchiks never lets Chairman Pawlowski down, as it should be.


Soviet Red Army (ret)

Anonymous said...

Well Mota is still not back so there will only be 6 votes cast. What if:

Eichenwald - NO
Schweyer - NO
O'Connell- NO
Guridy - YES
Davis - YES
Glazier - YES

Resulting in a tie, what is the protocol if that were to happen?

unlikely - but WHAT IF?

michael molovinsky said...

if mota is not at the meeting, the vote will then be 5 to 1. i believe the second no vote would only occur with a full council. furthermore, i see schweyer voting yes.

Anonymous said...

O'Connell is a yes unless he wants his kid to lose his job.

Schweyer, if he votes 5th or 6th, could vote no as long as it still passes - the politically opportunistic vote will look good on his resume while he gets what he really wants.


Like many decisions prior - "eminent domain", "city incinerator", etc, last night was an example of how people can galvanize, research, do their due diligence, speak their mind, and still leave feeling like they accomplished nothing. When thousands of people sign a petition (whether declared valid or not), it is the voice of the people speaking; when residents band together and pore over documents and charts that even the members of City Council have yet to fully examine, it is the voice of the people speaking; and when there is only ONE City Council member bold enough to ASK for more TIME so they and the public can fully investigate this decision which will affect our families for generations to come, it is the voice of the people speaking... Last night was not a loss, it was a revelation regarding those who LISTEN and those who HEAR... ACT ACCORDINGLY, because the power has always been in your hands...

Alfonso Todd