Apr 24, 2013

Callahan's Official Blogger

The Callahan Campaign For Northampton Executive has designated Bernie O'Hare as it's official blogger. Callahan told me this afternoon that He's everywhere I go, it's a little unsettling. . The hope is that with the official status, O'Hare will limit himself to campaign events. Callahan's wife and family hope to regain some of their privacy. O'Hare has published 73 posts on Callahan since the campaign began, including 67 photographs of the candidate.


Anonymous said...

I am familiar with parasite/host relationships in the natural world but when it comes to bloggers there is less literature, MM in your opinion what are O'Hare's motivations for lavishing so much man love on Hizzoner?

Anonymous said...

He once called him Mittman II , and not that long ago.

Anonymous said...

MM, another no news weekend approaching, so hoping to read one your wonderful childhood stories. This too take away the thoughts ot todays political parasitisms opon this loc al atmosphere of henous crimes against humanity commited by this group¿