Apr 29, 2013

The Train Of Lehigh Parkway

With the 15th Street Bridge closed, as people detour over the  Schreibers stone arch bridge,  few will be aware of the industrial past surrounding them. The Barber Quarry railroad branch line crossed the road, just south of the bridge. On the left was the Union Carbine's Linde plant, the concrete loading dock is still visible. Although the last train ran in the early 1980's, the wooden railroad trestle is still there, to the west and south of the bridge. The area is now used as part of the disc golf course. The photograph was taken by Dave Latshaw in 1976, and is part of the Mark Rabenold Collection.

revised from December 2010


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the left side of Schreiber's Bridge lately? Huge broken chunks lying on the ground.
What is city doing to repair this bridge?

michael molovinsky said...

the side you're referring to was smashed recently and rebuilt. then the right side was smashed and rebuilt, and now the left side smashed again. when tractor trailers try and make the turn, the wall gets smashed. the new 15th street bridge is being built at a snail's pace, with only a few men. sad priorities in allentown.