Apr 16, 2013

The Mutation Called Democracy In Allentown

This coming May 21st will be the fall general election for Allentown City Council. All candidates are of the same party, Democratic, meaning that who wins in the primary, wins. (Unless an independent(s) decide to run before the deadline in July) Although there is only one person running for the two year seat, incumbent Joe Davis, nine Democrats are competing for four seats, including the four incumbents. Today a slate of the anti-water lease candidates held a news conference. My associate, Bernie O'Hare attended the conference and will write about it late this evening. He will paraphrase their speeches, then print their speeches verbatim, also including a video of them giving their speech. I will soon be presenting some posts on what I think of the other bloggers in the Lehigh Valley. UPDATE: Although in Allentown's mutated democracy all candidates are Democrats, not all the Democrats on May 21st are the same. There is an opportunity for those voters who seek change at City Council, but just in the primary election.



"I do oppose the water lease, but not only because it is allowing a precious commodity the City owns to be used at someone else's discretion, but because the resident's were never given a fair and timely opportunity to investigate, discuss, and make an educated decision about it. Residents were never truly allowed to be involved in the conversation when it was first brought to the table, in my opinion."

~ www.VoteAlfonsoTodd.com

Waterboy said...

Todd, that's exactly what the ppl need. Thank you for running for council, we need open minded, intelligent people like yourself representing the city and giving the people a voice.


Thanks, Waterboy! It's appreciated!

Alfonso Todd