Apr 17, 2013

Lifestyle Coaching

With only an exception or two, I'm not a big fan of the local blogosphere. But, with The Morning Call Blogger night coming up, I thought I would surf around and get reacquainted. I noticed that one blogger has deemed herself a LifeStyle Coach, for vegetable eating or such. She charges $75 a session. She claims that it helped her lose weight and cleared her complexion. I have decided to also become a coach. If you suffer from undue optimism, give me a call. If your friends resent your positive attitude, give me a call, I'm well qualified. In the picture shown,  I'm receiving the Cynic Award, which I didn't deserve.  I charge $65 a session. Most of my students will be disappointed.


Anonymous said...


and I run the Get Real committee for Allentown Politics.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Can I pay you more, so I can be disappointed even more?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was in Michael's school, but he expelled me.

ironpigpen said...

Do you give out athletic scholarships or has the NCAA clamped down and put you on probation, too?



Chris Casey said...

Now that I can see, I don't know any of you people.
How do I enter this blog contest?
Do I have to make up outrageous stories and stop doing real research?

Anonymous said...

Here's undue optimism.
Wish you would post more concerned comments regarding Lehigh Parkway's continued neglect than you do. You repeatedly delete comments when no one individual is being attacked, rather the neglect of a once grand lady. Why don't you even mention the tire damage in the grass meadows where city trucks deliberately cross over rather than use nearby roadways? Why don’t' you mention the endlessly empty doogie do white metal bins that for years have held nothing but dust? Why don't you mention the tree limbs tossed into living bushes that crushed the tender limbs, kill the bushes and kill living creatures hiding therein?