Nov 9, 2012

Pawlowski's Freakout

Although President Obama won handily in Allentown, there are a few polling places where Republican and conservative candidates are in play. One of those bastions is the 17th Ward, 3th District, conducted at Sons Of Israel Synagogue. Although one of highest turnout polling places in Allentown, Obama won by less than 30 votes. Voters arriving there witnessed an unusual sight, the mayor of Allentown trying to disenfranchise their right to petition. Pawlowski told the press that he was concerned that the water lease opponents were being deceptive about his proposal.
"We have gotten reports that circulators are telling people that the city will be selling the plants," Pawlowski said in a statement. "We have spent nearly four months educating people about a proposed lease/concession. We can't allow a distortion of the facts. We are seeking to make sure that individuals are getting the correct information."
I have no doubt that the petition circulators were following the letter of the law. They are well aware of the administration's scrutiny and actions against their effort. In regard to distortion, Pawlowski should tell the voters that the lease will not expire until their grandchildren need a nursing home.


Anonymous said...

The thug should have been arrested. He really is the bane of Allentown's existence and in the judgement of history will be one of the worst things to have ever happened to this city.

Anonymous said...

"We have met the enemy and he is yours."

(...If you are an Allentown citizen who voted for him, or who does not actively work against his re-election.)


ironpigpen said...

People don't care about history.

Pawlowski won.

He got away with it ALL.

When you're a loser, you gotta admit it. And so, I'm a loser.

FYI- Mr. Molovinsky

I grew up a block down the street from the Sons of Israel. We used to block the street all day playing hockey. I'm not sure any of the Congregation who lived north of Tilghman Street were such big fans of ours.

Now that I am older (and am being watched by the Secret Service because I am a well-known danger to the community at large) ...

...I guess I can go ahead and afford to admit it was all a devious plot designed (by me, of course) to prevent people from practicing Religious Freedom.



(today is my last day at work here in Allentown, Mr. Molovinsky --- sincerest best wishes in all your future endeavors)

Anonymous said...

You can't disenfranchise someone's petition rights. That phrase was misused. The franchise is voting pure and simple, whereas petition rights come from the 1st Amendment, which has nothing to do with enfranchisement.

But, yes, the mayor is a dick when it comes to this issue.

Anonymous said...

I heard something on the news where the Mayor presented his budget to City Council and stated that there would be big changes (in the tax rate) to the budget if the Water Sale/Lease didn't pass.

My understanding is that the Water Sale/Lease isn't in the revenue side of the equation, so why would the budget need to change?

Isn't the budget really balanced, as required in the Charter? Was the budget given to City Council actually a sham? Also, I believe that the Mayor released the budget (Tuesday), which is beyond the date specified in the Charter.

Where is City Council or the media asking these questions?

michael molovinsky said...

@11:02, although i prefer not to answer questions asked in comments, the answer does raise a point. the simple answer, that the administration would give; if the water system isn't leased, and those proceeds applied to the pension fund, a huge tax increase would be necessary to meet the pension obligation. my confusion stems from the fact that apparently the proceeds from a lease can be applied to the pension, but the state doesn't allow the normal yearly water revenue to be used in a like manner. perhaps we should have our harrisburg representatives working on that, with the same energy that they applied to the NIZ

Anonymous said...

NIZ = Palace of Sport = Exciting Photo Opportunities with Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies to Enhance Resumes

WATER = Boring = Booted out of Office immediately = No Pension for old age

Anonymous said...

MM -

While we're asking our representatives to work on something, might I suggest a small task for our Mayor and City Council.

It is obvious that public sector pensions are creating a problem, even for cities without deals to the extent of Allentown. I just saw Bethlehem also has a pension problem.

Why has there been no cry or no resolution passed from Allentown City Hall asking the state to do something about public employee pensions? Defined benefit plans are virtually non-existent beyond the public sector, where the taxpayers can be continuously milked to keep them funded.

Our local politicians seem to have no problem telling the taxpayers that they will have to pay - either through higher taxes or increased water rates. But no one at City Hall seems to want to address the underlying problem - public sector pensions in general are overly generous and unsustainable.

I would think that it would be helpful for state legislators - particularly Democrat legislators that continually block pension reform - to hear from their fellow Democrats serving at the local level.

I have seen Allentown City Council pass numerous resolutions on issues well outside their area of influence (like to support the federal DREAM Act). Our Mayor seems willing to jump in front of a camera for just about any issue. Yet somehow, working to reform the pension system that is strangling our city doesn't seem to get top priority with this bunch.

Could it be that our local leaders are more interested in serving the needs of the public employee unions (who just happen to fill our politicians' campaign coffers) than they are about serving the public?

Maybe we'll see some highly-publicized press conferences asking the state to do something, but I'm not holding my breath. For a Mayor who likes to say that he's exploring every option before selling our water system, this stone remains unturned.