Nov 8, 2012

I Like Ike

The lawn signs in Allentown's deep west end, and across the Cedar Crest Boulevard into South Whitehall, favored Romney by far. I did notice an Obama organizational house down my street. For three days no less than half a dozen cars were there, with volunteers coming and going all day. Although I was at my polling place by 7:00A.M., I was number 90 in line. The neighbor ahead of me said that he and his wife would be clicking on a different name for President. I had assumed from the yard signs that Romney would take my district, he didn't. Romney lost every district in Allentown, and the total vote in South Whitehall. The pundits say that the Republican Party is out of date with current demographics and values. Shown in the photograph is Chester Riley from The Life of Riley, a program from the 1950's. He would end each episode by saying, What a revolting development this turned out to be.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could say that I was surprised by Allentown, but it certainly explains how a dolt like Ed Pawlowski remains in power.

By the way, my wife was reading a FaceBook post of an old friend. It seems the friend just discovered what the national debt was, and a bit of what it meant to her and her family. The friend is outraged today, but voted Obama on Tuesday. I'm sure that Mr. Obama has a plan for it.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Allentown---as MM stated, it is South Whitehall too. It is the state of PA.

It might take some time, but perhaps some folks will wake up and recognize that it's not the liberal media or Gov. Christie's fawning over Obama that won him the election.

It's the fact that the Republican party's platform does not suit the youth and changing demographics of America.

It also didn't help that Romney was a flawed candidate. It took the GOP months to finally embrace him, and save for his first debate performance, he was never a serious threat to the President