Nov 2, 2012

No Opposition Tolerated

Pawlowski has his way with City Council. Six of the seven members can't say yes fast or loud enough about selling our water system. Never the less, he resents the one dissenter, Jeanette Eichenwald. When she pointed out that the expert witnesses were only from communities happy with their private water companies, and none from the less delighted and actually unhappy, Pawlowski made a barely audible snide snark* at her. It was personal enough that she said that remark was uncalled for, and to his credit, Julio Guridy supported Eicenwald's protest. Later in the evening, Pawlowski accused Eicenwald of being against the privatization from the beginning of the process. Imagine a City Council member having the audacity to be against a mayor's proposal. Pawlowski's indignation shows how ineffectual City Council has become.

*If possible, this post will be updated with  Pawlowski's actual insult.

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monkey momma said...

Very surprised to hear that City Council had their meeting on Wednesday, considering the weather/power outages/suffering of city residents right now. Seems like there are far larger issues at hand right now than the pension crisis.

michael molovinsky said...

pawlowski is very anxious to have this deal done

Anonymous said...

He had it on Wednesday as an insult to all of the people suffering from the effects of the storm.

But what I don't get is, what are they going to do with all of the money that they will be raking in? I mean, isn't the Arena supposed to be bring in a ton of money? Isn't that enough to stop up any shortfall or oversight on the default on the pensions? Now they have to sell off the public water system, too?

What's will they sell off next? Nothing! Because they robbed the public blind of everything else!

michael molovinsky said...

@10:53, the meeting had been scheduled for a couple of weeks. those activists circulating the referendum have purposefully worded it against selling any asset worth more than $10million, instead of just mentioning the water system, to prevent such future sale attempts.


I am part of the activist group and I must say we are a lively bunch...

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Well he can still keep trying to sell the Queen City Airport. There's always the golf course.
Smallish hunks of the Parkway not included in the Water Sell off could be auctioned off....
If you get creative there is still lots of stuff to cell off.

Anonymous said...

The question might be : what city assets could be sold for the low-low price of $9,999,999 and 99 cents?

ironpigpen said...

Pawlowski's indignation shows nothing more, nothing less than any, run-of-the-mill dictatarial General Secretary whose Rubber-Stamp Council of Apparatchiks aren't towing the standard Democratic line in the name of the People (and Progress).

I see Pawlowski won with his Water War campaign - AGAIN.

The way I see it, the score in the City With No (Spending) Limits now stands something like this :


I really just don't know how you do it, Mr. Molovinsky. Get clocked on every single solitary issue, one right after another. And yet maintian such class and grace.

I guess it IS true, what I've always heard, "Nice Guys Finish Last".

Sincerest of good luck to you, Mr. Molovinsky. I have decided I will do much better living and, ulitmately, dying in Berlin. Yeah, the contemporary Germans are nothing but a bunch of holier-than-thou Socialists who think they are entitled EVERYTHING (and that the United States, Kriesnation Nummer Eins - War Nation Number One", sucks).

But, at least they have the guts to tell the TRUTH about how they REALLY feel (unlike all the "precious" moderates riding fences and parsing words every so carefully) ... so, it's about as good as any place to start all over again and I WILL find the Germans honesty refreshing.

Hell, maybe I can even qualify for some kind of magic Government subsidy because I have carry a heavy-duty, traditional German name ... Angie-Baby looks around nowadays, and realizes she is running out of those (and traditional churches) in her capital city, you must understand ... Bottom-line --- ANYWHERE is better than this Democrat Stronghold.



michael molovinsky said...

rolf, correct, my outright victories are far and few between. however, over the decades, i have introduced some awareness into the community on a few issues. i'm beginning to slow down with actually leading the charges. with this water issue, my involvement is limited to mostly this blog and a few back channel conversations. although my comment moderation guidelines reduce the number of comments posted here, blog readership continues to grow. This blog is read by our representatives, from city hall to washington. good luck in berlin.

ironpigpen said...

If I had the editorial power, I would amend that second last line to read :

"this blog is read, and then completely dismissed (if not outright laughed at and whole-heartedly mocked 24/7), by our representatives, from city hall to washington"

But, of course, I don't have that kind of editorial power.

The attractive thing about Berlin, for me, is the fact that my German is alright, by I would certainly never say I'm fluent. I always have to think a bit, I always have to concentrate at least a little --- because English will ALWAYS be my FIRST language.

In other words, it far, far more easier for me to tune it all out over there ... Most Allentonians (apparently happy with things like record-smashing Palaces of Sport and lavish pensions) tell me to do that here, but, sadly, it just does not work out so well --- no matter how much I stay away from the Lame Stream Media! I can still hear people standing in line at the grocery store, etc ...

Most significantly, I can sincerely look ANY European Socialist in the eye and politely say, "I was raised to believe in an entirely different system than you. I will NOT be apologizing for THAT ... but, unlike the Democrats in my home country who insist on calling Conservatives 'Nazis who want to poison the water, kill old people and children at random, etc., etc. etc.,' I can at least, my new and fellow Socialist Pioneer, wish you a pleasant day."

I've had enough of my fellow Americans. I'm sure the feeling is mutual. We can part as the bitterest of eternal enemies and I will have absolutely no trouble living with that, either.

For starters, I am sick and tired of being a Dummyrat Doormat.

More importantly, I'm not the smooth-talking(?) Community Organizer with absolutely no experience at anything (other than writing two autobiographies before the age of 50 who promised to bring America together), now, was I?


michael molovinsky said...

rolf, glad to accommodate you once again, however, further elaboration will have to appear on oeler on berlin

Anonymous said...

MM said:

"pawlowski is very anxious to have this deal done."

A little too anxious, I'd say.


Also, thanks for turning word verification "off", although I understand why it is there. It was really hard, almost impossible to use, as you would receive a continuous supply of "try this one" scrambled, tilted, nonsensical combinations of letter.