Nov 3, 2012

Michael Bloomberg and Marie Antoinette

When Mayor Bloomberg announced earlier in the week that the New York City Marathon would proceed this weekend as scheduled, all I could think of was Marie Antoinette. Although the entire lower part of Manhattan was still without electric, although sections of the city were decimated, although bodies were still be recovered, he thought the race would boost the spirits of New Yorkers. He thought that maybe some spandex suited yuppie in expensive sneakers would somehow console the residents of Staten Island's east shore, where a whole neighborhood was destroyed, and over twenty people perished. The citizens of Queens, where 80 houses were burned to the ground, could certainly "take pride in the resiliency of New York."  Canceling the race isn't good enough, he should visit Staten Island and apologize.


Anonymous said...

At least the race is finally canceled. Now Bloomberg can visit Staten Island and get back to the important work of making sure that nobody's drinking more than 16 ounces of soda at a time.

New York, like Allentown, is reaping the stupidity they voted for.

Anonymous said...

Simply another example of how out of touch politicians are with their constituents.

Like Pawlowski, just does not get it and never will.

Some day the people of Allentown might realize how impotent a manager this guy really is. Just hope it is not too late.

If it was Pawlowski's parade he would have held it. Seems to hate push back and probably is quite a bit more self centered than Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg as he ends his third term may be remembered for this initial decision perhaps more than any good he did. As a billionaire, has he ever suffered from cold, hunger, fear, safety of his loved ones?

Anonymous said...

The good news is he'll be able to put a 16 oz. limit on FEMA water. Oh wait, there is NO FEMA water, and the NY media is blaming the Red Cross. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

How does attempting a public health intervention on the obesity/diabeaties epidemic ( we ALL pay for that boys and girls) have anything to do with a responce, good or bad,to a natural disaster?
Inquiring minds want to know?