Nov 29, 2012

Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

Now that Lehigh Valley Airport has finished their recent remodeling, they're facing less destinations than they had in decades. It has become the airport to nowhere. Although much blame was assigned to the previous underperforming director, I think that the board must share responsibility for approving a succession of poor ideas, which were expensive to execute. The mother of bad ideas, of course, was taking the Fuller Land by force, necessitating a $26 million dollar compensation. An article in The Morning Call, which outlined cutbacks, failed to mention the cost of remodeling. I do credit the board with their decision to retain Queen City Airport, despite lobbying by Allentown Mayor and board member Ed Pawlowski. On the questionable side, they're considering spending even more money to build a customs station for international routes. One would think after you went broke dressing up in suit with nowhere to go, you wouldn't spend even more on a tuxedo.


ironpigpen said...

It's all about the Potemkin Villages and maintaining the necessary facades to 'validate' "Progressive" poilicies.

After all, it IS a poorly kept secret that Chairman Pawlowski's ambitions extend beyond the City With No (Spending?) Limits.

But, whatever.


Bethlehem Native said...

I've mentioned before, in another post, that ABE is essentially useless to me. When I have to fly to the Valley for business, when it's not even costing me a dime (not often, but it does come up every few years or so), I fly non-stop to Newark. If Philly is cheaper than Newark, I'll fly there, though it's rarely cheaper. Ditto for family trips.
I'm going to stop now before I get even angrier over how management in the late 90's screwed up and doomed the airport's future.

Anonymous said...

And we lost proven talent like this to the political hacks that are now running the airport! Go figure.