Oct 16, 2012

Clinton Falls On The Sword

Although Hilary Clinton has fallen on the sword about responsibility for the deaths in Libya, everybody knows where the buck really stops. Her announcement, one day before the debate, almost looks like a parlor trick from a novelty store. Obama was quick enough to take the credit for  assisting the uprising that toppled Gaddafi. He was quick enough to take  credit for organizing the NATO Coalition air offensive in Libya. I believe that the timing of Hilary's announcement will not be lost on the American public. Although comment moderation remains in place, I have removed the word verification process for this post.


Anonymous said...


Remember the media narrative that this president was so smart he didn’t need to attend his intelligence meetings. No they expect us to believe and accept without question, that he didn’t know what was happening on the ground in Benghazi.
Once again the real story is the media.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Who does the buck stop with? I believe Mr. Obama has already said that "the buck stops with YOU".

By the way, that's not made up. That's an actual quote.

Three more weeks!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have no reason to doubt Clinton. But it seems to me that the security of an American ambassador is something about which the President should be informed.

ironpigpen said...


WHO sent Susan Rice out with the phony video story?

Why was did everyone, including White House spokesman/propagandist Jay Carney, just keep on blaming the video endlessly?

Is THIS the famous October Surprise, Mr. Molovinsky, this complete and total Benghazi Debacle?

And, will ANYBODY's head roll, or is the latest apology from Hillary Clinton enough?

This inquiring mind wants to know, Mr. Mo.