Jun 8, 2012

The Transformation of 7th Street

Peter Lewnes is managing to transform 7th Street for about $1 million, while Mayor Pawlowski will spend about $220 million for his transformation. At the end of the projects, 7th Street will be much more successful, in both the number of people attracted, and the total dollars those people spend. To be blunt, which is too easy for me, I think 7th Street would have as many new stores and shoppers without Lewnes' efforts. I think that the Hispanic business district was a natural progression of Allentown's demographic changes. However, considering it's the nature of government to meddle, Lewnes has given us an unusually tremendous return on our investment. He has attractively restored dozens of buildings, created appealing signs, and succeeded in significantly upgrading Allentown's gateway. Yesterday, I visited an independent pharmacy on the 500 Block, located in the former Coleman Electric building. Although not yet enhanced by Lewnes' artistic palette, the pharmacist had four assistants and a delivery driver. Another success on 7th Street.


guy williams said...

Peter has done a great job.Its fair to say the main street inititive with him at the helm has fared better than Ianelli and his Downtown Improvement District on hamilton during the 80s 90s.

Anonymous said...

I am not guiet getting your aticle mm because on one hand you are complimenting and on the other you are saying 7th would have happened without Lewnes. I am not a transplant to allentown and without Lewneses efforts there would be no 7th. Because the political parasitism on the poor has gone on before you arrived mm. Than the money being spent on 7th would be in the pockets of the political doners for work that is just less than uninhabitable.

Anonymous said...

Peter is very good at what he does.

Anonymous said...


michael molovinsky said...

@3:51, there would be a 7th st. without lewnes, but it wouldn't look anywhere near as nice, or be so well run

Anonymous said...

7th street happened IN SPITE of the city of allentown.
Hard working individuals have made those businesses thrive on their own.

Anonymous said...

Dear "ASK MIKE",

Oh,sorry,start again.
Meanwhile the planters and little landscaping around the FARR BUILDING are overgrown with weeds. Looks real ratty,what with being 7th. and Hamalton and all.
If that was one of your units Molovinsky you'd be written up.
What gives?
Oh,sorry. I know. Don't Ask!
It's just that you know a lot Molovinsky,so we, your readers, ask.
Sorry.ill keep trying to remember.Don't Ask!