Jun 9, 2012

A Controversial Editorial

Today, my controversial point of view about keeping the hole on Hamilton Street, made the paper. Although I had expressed the attitude here several times, I wrote the piece in direct response to Bethlehem Mayor Callahan's editorial. He, like several writers before him, said that there was no choice but to proceed with the arena project, even if it was a flawed plan. Official Allentown didn't have much respect for the previous occupants of that parcel. During the WFMZ debate, a speaker from the City's point of view, referred to it as a cancer. Certainly, a level block is no worse than a cancer. Allentown survived when former Mayor Heydt tore down Hess's and left us with a hole. Eventually, a private developer built the PPL Plaza. At that time, private investors could not secure the financing for the minor league hockey team. The risk apparently did not justify private investment. Now, because the project is backed by our local and state income taxes, they want to build an arena which cost ten times more.  

 photo:Donna Fisher/The Morning Call/June 8, 2012


Anonymous said...

Almost looks like a cartoon picture?

Anonymous said...

Parking around the "hole" area wasn't too bad last night.
That's a plus for the hole plan.

Anonymous said...

Even the guys that don't like Mayor Ed, like Callahan and the Don,will rally around the NIZ now, with token mods.
They've whacked him around some and now the show must go on.
From the States viewpoint,"too big to fail."
Let's not forget,Callahan,Faner,Don and Riely are Broad St Bethlehem drinking buddies. That Old Boy network will rally to save Scott and J.T.

ironpigpen said...

Chairman Pawlowski's transformative struggle to progressively spend serious taxpayer money ... the show must go on is absolutely correct.


You have to admit, it was an ingenious, if sinister plan --- to just go ahead and dig the hole first even if all the financing was not 100% in the bag. Because, as anticipated, the hole is now a de facto ultimatium. You and I both now, in the end, everyone is just going to look around, shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, it's not like Government has never spent $ 220.0 million dollars it didn't really have before and Allentown needs something to get it going again, so I guess its time to compromise ..."



Anonymous said...

Mighty nice of such a liberal rag like The Morning Call to host your editorial.

Still won't stop me from chopping that paper anytime they write something with which I don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Facts on the ground. Eh Molovinsky?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your 6/9 post in the MC. Now...how do average taxpayers go about putting a referendum on the November 2012 ballot? I would totally support that move.

Bruce Slifer
Allentown PA

Anonymous said...

Not only at the balots in nov but also at upcomming suits to be filed against the niz. NIZ=Newenglands Institute of Zooalogical humans now showing in allentown pa compliments of allentown cityhall? These jokes call the public a cancer when infact they are the cancer at the very heart of the city?

Anonymous said...

Basking in thereafter glow of spending time in NYC this week past, I could not disturb my peace of mindby going downtown for Blues & Brews, or is it Brrws & Blues.

Superman is not going to make an appearance in Allentown and we are left with a huge mud hold and an even greater deteriorating town.

It has occurred to me that the problem is all these folks who are "involved in the community" across various profit & nonprofit organizations and our legislators on a state level just are not all that bright.

Problem is they think they are. Allentown will make Detroit look like a vacation destination the way they have messes everything up.

Anonymous said...

"You have to admit, it was an ingenious, if sinister plan"
Sinister, yes, ingenious - NO.
Just back room thuggery.

Anonymous said...

This is not revitalization it is mass destruction! And it seems the city leaders have found the WMD that were supposedly in Iraq.

This transformation is only continuing the removal of what was the charm of old downtown and wiping it out.

"Welcome to downtown suburbia."