Apr 5, 2012

Parkway Memories

We who lived in the Parkway during the 1950's have a special bond. We know we grew up in one of the most nurturing neighborhoods possible. Slow driving parents would keep a sharp eye out for dashing kids. The Halloween Parade would start and end at our own elementary School. The Easter Egg Hunt would take place on a open slope of our beloved park.

reprinted from April 2010


ironpigpen said...

After having just gone through my third St. Patrick's Day with President Obama and his Irish roots ...

... I'm waiting for the MSNBC report informing me that the smartest and greatest President in the history of the United States is related to the Easter Bunny, too.

Over the top for me again? Let's be serious here with each other for half a second. NOTHING I do is ever over the top. Not compared to the Lame Stream Media ... not even freakin' close.


Anonymous said...

Is park maintenance done like our streets?
I woke on the morning of the 4th of April to find signs posted along both sides of an entire block stating "no parking from 4/4/12 until ???
Then when I called the street department and asked about when work will start and why 35 residents must find parking somewhere else.
A coldly polite voice at the streets department informed me that street cutting would be taking place on 4/9/12 and the equipment is so large that the street would need to be closed.
This is just not true.
Linden St. was not closed for more than a day to tear up the street for the ARENA!
The job could easily be accomplished closing half the street at a time.
It is a real shame that tax paying citizens are such an impediment to the folks planning the repairs.
To make matters worse, we have been TOLD to be off the street for a week prior to the performance of the repairs.
What kind of arrogant sots do this?
If their intention is to start working on the ninth, then do not jerk us around for a week prior to the arrival of the crew.
Parking any distance from our homes places us all in danger.
The streets are NOT safe to be traveling any distance to our doors.
No one has offered to allow us to park in the Linden and 6th street parking facility during this time period. (That parking lot is nearly always empty.)
Someone spent a great deal of money to house the parking authority and maintain a structure that loses money, yet the doors will NOT be opened for the affected displaced parties.
Citizens don't matter much here in Allentown.