Mar 9, 2012

Revelation In A Hallway

When I arrived at City Hall Wednesday evening, the Council Chamber was already packed by union workers, and closed to the public. Stranded out in the hallway, were many of those who came to speak against Delta Thermo's trash to energy plant. What they had in common, for the most part, was being informed on the issue, and being supporters of Pawlowski. Some were families, like Jeff Fegley of the Allentown Brewworks, cut off from his brother, already inside the Council Chamber. Others were couples, like non-profit director Julie Thomases, cut off from her significant other, environmental activist Dan Poresky. Although new Council Member Cynthia Mota had been impressed with the science fair poop dryer that she saw on her field trip to New Jersey, these informed opponents know better. That little demo machine didn't even contain a combustion chamber, or consequently, evaluate the emissions. This is the unproven technology that the citizens of Allentown will be submitted to, for the profit of Delta Thermo. If there was a revelation in the hallway, it was that the Price of Admission, with the Mayor, has significantly increased. Delta Thermo is fronted by Marcel Groen, a power broker with state-wide influence. The arena project now involves hundreds of $millions of dollars, and the Lehigh Valley Hospital. Previous supporters can't even get in the door anymore.


Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

You know, Michael, it's almost pointless to challenge anything Pawlowski does. He's virtually bulletproof. In fact, few bullets are left.

The Morning Call no longer does investigative reporting. It prefers to run press releases. The City Council is weak and meek.

There aren't enough public minded citizens residing there to challenge anything that might affect their future. Most are either on the public dole, too old to care, or biding their time until they can move out.

Pawlowski can pretty much get away with whatever he wants. Even HE will be gone when all the bills come due. The city is ripe for the taking by those who stand to capitalize from political paybacks, exemptions, and easy access to taxpayer funding.

There are no mechanisms in place to ensure responsible stewardship.

My hope is, suburban townships can insulate themselves from paying for the follies of Allentown. Restrict N.I.Z. funding to keep other municipalites from falling into the black hole that is Allentown.

Anonymous said...


What is the old expression, "bigger they are, the harder they fall"?

Revelation?? said...

Let me guess, the Brothers Fegley supported the Mayor's proposal.

michael molovinsky said...

the fegley's opposed the trash to energy plan