Mar 9, 2012

Morning Call Blog Contest

If you vote for Bernie O'Hare and me today, we'll gladly buy you a hamburger tomorrow. Bernie and I have decided to enter The Morning Call Blog Contest. Unfortunately, rather than being judged by journalists, it's a simple popularity contest. We need you to vote for our blogs, and place the votes every day, until March 25th. Please consider Bernie (Lehigh Valley Ramblings) for the Politics category, and this blog (molovinsky on allentown) for Opinion. Click here to reach the contest.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Comrade Molovinsky.

Comrade What-Am-I-Gettings-From-Big-Government? blogging away in New York City has got my vote.

He righteously and whole-heartedly supports Chairman Pawlowski's spectacular and transformative Palace of Sport.



Wink Martindale said...

Que the Jeopardy Theme.
I won't need the entire song, nothing against Merv Griffin.
No not never ever would I consider Ohare to win anything. I could go on at length however you would delete it so we will leave it at that.
find some new friends.

michael molovinsky said...

wink, yesterday o'hare attended and reported on two meetings. one in allentown, the other in hanover. apparently, you do not care for the gentleman, but no blogger is more familiar with local governments.

this contest should be based on effort and product, not popularity.