Feb 17, 2012

City Council Awoke

On Wednesday evening, City Council, for the first time in six years that Ed Pawlowski has been mayor, didn't approve one of his proposals. The proposal wasn't actually rejected, but the 3 to 3 tie vote doesn't allow his scheme to proceed. Who voted which way, is the topic of this post. Although the Pawlowski promoted Trash to Energy company was going to charge the city twice as much, for twice as long as a competitor, the RubberStamp Trio once again sang the Yes Song. Worse yet, all three singers, Schweyer, Schlossberg, and Guridy, would like to be State Representatives. Rejecting the non- competitive offer was Jeanette Eichenwald, Ray O'Connell and Cynthia Mota. Jeanette has emerged as an independent voice on Council, but until Wednesday, usually stood alone. Many people had expectations when Ray O'Connell was elected, but it took over two years for him to stand on his own. The great surprise of the evening was new councilwoman Cynthia Mota, who asserted herself at only her second council meeting. I did not attend the meeting. This analysis is from the benefit of phone calls, and two excellent articles by Devon Lash in The Morning Call.


Anonymous said...


With this vote we find out who on council are the good “team players” and which ones have a shred of independence. I have to admit I was shocked by the result. Perhaps Ed was over confident and took the vote for granted. Surprised that Ed didn't take any and all necessary measures to have the loyal Frank Concannon there in council chambers to do his bidding. Frank could always be counted on in the past to do just that. Had Frank been there the plan for the plant would have no doubt past.
Shame on Allentown's Democrat voters for putting Frank back into office. The straight party voters put a straight party man on council. He served the city very poorly as a councilman and as a controller, now he is back where he started, in council, but too often unable to attend. In that act he seems to have finally served the city's best interests.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

ironically, frank did make an earlier phone in vote on another matter, and i agree that he would have probably voted for pawlowski's scheme. that was frank's only vote since being elected, and he has not attended any meetings. not to be an ageist, and i wish him well, but he should resign or be removed. if every one on council had his preference, we would have five out of seven members appointed, instead of elected. julio would run for the 132nd, as is schlossberg. schweyer would run for the new 22nd. concannon would resign or be removed. mota was appointed to replace d'amore. she should be very proud of the independence she displayed wednesday evening.

Andrew Kleiner said...

The entirety of the development of this project was one long series of missteps by the administration. I had the opportunity to be briefed by Delta Thermo and, I was seriously impressed with the novel chemistry and waste management science they were proposing. I was not alone either, environmental engineers from an esteemed University agreed as well.

Then through the RTD process, the unnecessary and undemocratic secrecy of project developments in Allentown again reared its head.

All of a sudden we are talking 30 year contracts and bringing in outside waste for processing in a new facility. What? Those two items would take any financial/environmental benefit and completely squander it.

I was and am very disappointed things went this way. It truly boggles my mind that secrecy and rushed public meetings designed to get approval for projects like these ruin the chance for the City to be engaged in a truly novel and exciting project. I'd say that maybe they can rework things but I have seen enough of actions like these over the last few years to believe only that any reworking will probably make things worse.

Anonymous said...

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop OZZIE SMITH used to step up and hit a home run every once in a great while.

But that certainly did not make him a power hitter --- no, the Wizard of Oz will always be known for his golden glove.

So the Council of Apparatchiks says no for the 1st time in 6 years ... the law of averages says they still have a LONG way to go before their well-earned reputation (and accompanying criticism) rightfully stops preceding them.

Anonymous said...

Wise of council to reject. In the Morning Call's article, I am struck by this:

"Joe Hilliard, who lives in south Allentown, said state regulations of dioxins are lacking and those chemicals could leech into the air unmonitored."

Nice of Mr. Hilliard to join the environmental effort in Allentown. I am glad he has come to see environmental regulations as beneficial to communities.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I agree that it's wonderful news that this boondoggle new-age disaster was not passed.Why would the voters have put Mr.Concannon back in office if he can't do the job.

michael molovinsky said...

i'm afraid that there is an unfortunate post script to this story. i will post either this evening, or early tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I just read the Morning Call on-line edition story about Ms.Cynthia Mota being dragged back to the Reservation.Did she just make a mistake on the correct way to vote.Now she has to make a stand.She must change her vote or hold on to her dignity.What will she do?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:27, i happen to have some inside information on that very question, and will be posting about it this evening.