Feb 18, 2012

Cynthia Mota Reprogrammed

Scientists, in a secret laboratory in the basement of City Hall, successfully reprogrammed Cynthia Mota, after her heart felt, independent vote Wednesday evening. Declining to give his name, a former doctor said that the procedure went well, and it was very unlikely that Cynthia would ever again defy the mayor. She announced that she will reconsider her vote " because there's already a lot of money invested". Although the lawyer's firm, for the company rejected Wednesday evening, has contributed $6,500 to Pawlowski, what money Ms. Moto was referring to is unclear.


AuH20 said...

Chicago politics on parade.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That didn't take long.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Wow Ms.Mota and the Mayor did not even make this appear legitimate. I am happy to see this unfortunate vote was addressed so quickly.What is her reward for humiliating herself so publicly?

Anonymous said...

MM -

In Mota's first night in office, one of the role call votes came her way first. Perplexed, it took a not-so-silent "yes" whisper by Julio Guridy to get a "yes" vote out of Mota and allow the vote to move on to the others.

Any real hope or expectation of independence by Mota went out the door then.

Also, can you tell me what the payback to Allentown taxpayers will be for this scheme? Will they see a significant decrease or elimination of their trash fees as a result of the project, or will the money just be siphoned back to the general fund to cover City Hall's financial mismanagement?

michael molovinsky said...

@6:48, i still have hope for ms. mota. although this flip flop is discouraging, hopefully, she is sincere in representing the hispanics. guridy, her mentor, certainly showed no concern for the hispanic merchants who were displaced by the arena. i think representing the hispanics should be more than just being one. her first concern should be the air quality and such issues. her second concern should be how competitive was this process, and will it benefit the citizens? will their trash fee's go down? she should meet with the day care operator, and book keeping business, and other hispanic and minority merchants just put through the wringer by this city.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so, Mr. Mo ...

I guess the umpire has decided that the Wizard of Oz's bat was corked.

Oh well, maybe if we are all patient for another six years ... we all might get to see a real game locally that ain't clearly fixed!


Anonymous said...

whatta town...a "city truly without limits".


Anonymous said...

Michael -

Can we stop with the insinuation that it takes a Hispanic council person to represent Hispanic residents of the city? That is the false narrative being put forth by Guridy and others.

Council members - black, white or Hispanic - should represent the interests of everyone in the city. The underlying theme of Guridy's argument is that someone of a different skin color cannot represent you.

Guridy's premise that Council needs to racially reflect the makeup of the city is self-serving and offensive.

The city deserves better than its politicians pitting racial groups against each other.