Jan 12, 2012

Allentown Planning Puppies

The Allentown Planning Commission Puppies yelped and practiced growling, about being asked to approve the arena, after work had begun. But, like good paper trained puppies, they voted yes.* They received puppy treats for their yes vote, just like Allentown City Council. You would think that these appointed and elected officials, especially after having their authority usurped on the biggest project in Allentown's history, might symbolically register a protest no vote. Show me someone on a lot of boards and commissions, and I'll show you a yes man. That's why the directors and executives appoint them.

*The Morning Call/Jan.10/Devon Lash


Anonymous said...

Mike, Members of all bard and commissions are appointed by the Czar. Iyou seek reappointment to a board or commission and you do not support the Czar,you are done. They knew before the meeting what the Czar wanted the Arena. See Council in action when they need to close streets for the Arena project,which should of been done prior to demolition.Will there be a bark.

Anonymous said...

And the new appointee to the Allentown city council will be much of the same.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of puppies. Whatever happened to Allentown's Mack Boulevard at Dixon Street dog park plan? Talks began way back in 2008. All sorts of important studies, All sorts of required grants. Price tags barking at a near $1M. Now, how long later, and the park still a pipe dream. What's sad about this folly is nearby communities, including Bethlehem, built dog parks in months. Why, one of the Macungies recently voted to build one this spring at a modest price tag, but here in Allentown, four-footed friends await.

ironpigpen said...

Since when is it the function of Government to build dog parks?

The Four-Footed Lobby and their Friends need to show me where in The Constitution it says Government is to provide dog parks and, then, prove to me why THIS would be a priority over other already out-of-control spending.


Anonymous said...

MM -

I know this is off-topic and you will likely strike further comment. However, since you put the post up, I felt a response was in order

7:15 -

Allentown is a city that cannot even repair its major bridges and roadways in a timely manner. This blog has chronicled that fact as well as the fact that historic park structures are being neglected. And those are just a few examples at the tip of a very large iceberg.

Please explain to me why the government - whether Allentown, Bethlehem, or Macungie - should be spending that much money on something so foolish (not to mention that so few will actually benefit from).

If dog owners want a place to walk their dog and see them socialize with other dogs, I suggest they form a group, kick in their own cash and buy a spot on their own. Perhaps they could even open a "doggie night club", for dogs to meet up after hours and slurp some liquids.

I love dogs, but if I want to pay for one, I'll buy my own. My tax dollars shouldn't be spent on such stupidity.

Anonymous said...

My housemate Max is pissed off he does not get a plush, taxpayer-funded Cat Park.

Max is convinced he is a victim of Discrimination and feels very hurt and let down by the Democrats, whom he thought he could count on for compassion, fairness and, most of all, sympathy.


Anonymous said...

And how about that golf course?
Who benefits from that expense?
More wasted money we don't have.

Anonymous said...

2:54 -

Agreed, but at least they charge for using it.

ironpigpen said...

not to change the subject, but not for the feint of heart, either :



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