Oct 11, 2011

Unhappy Campers

As the countdown to the beginning of Mayor Pawlowski's transformation nears, I thought my camera and I would visit 7th and Hamilton. Uncle Sam and the Wall Street protesters are not the only unhappy campers by that corner.

Once again the rat has been inflated on a union picket line. Preliminary construction on a NIZ site doesn't bode well for the unions in Allentown's transformation.

Of course, the most victimized near that corner are the merchants. Although I'm privilege to their survival plans, it's not my place to reveal them at this time. I will say that they only have 20 days remaining to relocate, and yet still
attempt to make a living while doing so. Moving a few boxes makes me nervous, much less an entire inventory, from over twenty years on Hamilton Street. For a city supposedly improving itself, I certainly saw much pain today near 7th and Hamilton.


FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said...

MM... you and I disagree. But I see the moving boxes leaving and the demolition equipment moving in as a good sign. Better times are ahead.

Anonymous said...

This plan will fizzle and bomb.

People like FDAA will find some other empty promise politician to attach themselves to for a cause to define their lives.

The arena will be built and the developers and flippers will make their money.

The city will be left with an atrocity to deal with along with a 30 year mortgage. Maybe one season of hockey will be played and then on to greener pastures.

Initial estimates are a cost of $140 million. I place my bet closer to $200 million.

Take a look at Bethlehem and what this is competing against. I would spend my leisure dollars over there any day when faced with the schlock Allentown will build.

They will build it but no one will come.


Anonymous said...

Wear will the man in the yellow sneakers go to not buy a belt?

Anonymous said...

Better times, but for whom?
Certainly NOT for city residents.
Maybe for the small hand full of people who are making personal wealth off the backs of all of us working people.
This is a sad statement all around.

Anonymous said...

Better times? What are better times? Hockey games? Beer? Upscale shops? More beer? Food and more food? Or perhaps a decent place to live safely that can provide employment so individuals can thrive?