Jun 12, 2011

Molovinsky Launches New Blog

This weekend I launched a new blog, The Morning Chronicle. The Chronicle will concentrate on topics beyond the Lehigh Valley. The initial post deals with a growing problem; newspapers helping themselves to idea's harvested from the blogosphere. Information from this blog has been the basis for several stories in The Morning Call, with no attribution given. Although local reporters seemingly cannot type Molovinsky, in the future their names will be noted here. The Chronicle will host some of the articles which appeared here, such as Shrines in the Middle East, and boxing's golden era.
Bernie O'Hare will be an occasional contributor.
sputnik takes off, October 4, 1957


gary ledebur said...

Once again the "Tribune of the People" is out in front. Although most journalists are responsible and hard-working, many are lazy. We need more Woodward and Bernsteins to protect our society. MM, you are on the cutting edge of a new type of journalism. Go forth and spread the truth, but heed the quotation from Oscar Wilde, "By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community."

Anonymous said...


Considering who seems to be and has been running the city, a most symbolic and worthy photographic selection nowadays.

To go over the head of the ignorant community, of course.

I submit that Chairman Pawlowski and his Rubber Stamp Apparatchiks spend entirely too much time reading Oscar Wilde (he of the wanton and disastrous social life, it should be recalled) and placing too much faith in the Ignorance of the Community that Ledebur speaks of.



You might want to check out my piece revolving around the 19th Century Irish antimimetic philosopher :


Does Life really imitate Art more than Art imitates Life?

Can international sporting events really foreshadow momentous events in world history?

Or did I really just need to fill some copy space that day?

(hey, that happens every now and then - just ask the pros)

gary ledebur said...

Education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.