Jun 15, 2011

Asians Offered Rickshaw Concession

The Asian merchants being displaced by Allentown's new arena, have been offered the rickshaw concession on Hamilton Street. Mayor Pawlowski said that when fans exit the games and events, there will be an enormous opportunity to ferry them to and from the many restaurants planned for Hamilton Street. I first learned of this plan on Jon Geeting's blog, Lehigh Valley Independent. Jon, although he's only 26 and lives in New York City, knows everything about Allentown. In a comment on his post taking me to task for using the G word, he stated " Nobody is saying that the Hamilton St merchants' businesses are unwanted in general - just not on Hamilton Street." So, I asked Pawlowski if there was any way that this set of hardworking merchants could remain on Hamilton Street, and he suggested the rickshaws. The rickshaws would be inspected and regulated by the Allentown Arena Authority. Applications are currently available at the Allentown Parking Authority. Jon Geeting contributed to this post.


gary ledebur said...

rickshaws in Allentown? are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Pawlowski wants asians on Hamilton St if you can provide high end Japanese restaurant.....

Gee, how long will that restaurant stay in business on Hamilton St? Maybe Morimoto will open another chain in Allentown....

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true...

The only businesses that he wants are restaurants - high end.

If the current merchants that are getting kicked out by eminent domain change their business plans to:

"posh restaurant that opens 7 days/week, especially in the evenings to support the arena..."

ED may provide some assistance and there may be grants/low interest loans available.

...just be honest, ED --- say what you mean - "GO AWAY!!!"

Anonymous said...

Bottom line:

ED is taking away personal properties impacting merchants and residents to suit his agenda.

Why the heck did ED and his adminstration NOT do their jobs of removing the blighted buildings to build the tax base so other businesses could come in and revive downtown???

oh! He was too busy taking care of the Fegleys and cutting all funds from the Redevelopment Authority.

What is Sara Hailstone doing in her director role? Why is she getting paid $87,000/year? What is her experience that qualifies her? What expertise can she provide? What is her track record? What did she do for Scranton????

Old Kvetch said...

You laugh, the rickshaw drivers on the boardwalk in AC make good money plus are in good shape.

michael molovinsky said...

kvetch, i think all told, the hamilton street merchants would prefer to keep their stores and exercise in a gym.

Anonymous said...

"When there is no HONOR, there is no prosperity or successful change." Those are the words of Morimoto....

Good luck trying to bring in a high end Asian restaurant...probably Bethlehem.

ED killed all the revitalization. Other merchants want out who are not directly impacted by eminent domain as well.

BUT! go ahead ED....continue to do your P.R. for Haiti when you are the biggest bigot in the world!!!

Take care of your backyard and finish your job....

Give the merchants and residents ANSWERS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it offensive that people would even joke about Asian merchants on Hamilton St pulling rickshaws for the arena...WTF?!

What? Are we going to tell African-Americans to earn a living by cleaning white people's homes now too?

And yes, there is no honor in Allentown...the smell is stinking to high heaven....

Anonymous said...

King Ed and his shillminions are going to Haiti to study on our problems....
They should have it all figured out in a few weeks.

michael molovinsky said...

i don't think the merchants are offended by a satirical piece about them pulling rickshaws, but more by the politically correct who suggest that they're welcome to have businesses, but not on hamilton street. tonight city council is set to give the brew pub another half $million to build apartments for the young professionals, they anticipate the arena attracting to live downtown. more on that tomorrow

Anonymous said...

i want to know why only the fegleys get special treatment from the Mayor. what is the tie between them?

the city can't help the other merchants but fegleys get everything handed to them on silver platter...

didn't they also get the new contract on the golf course? they "beat out" the concession stand that was there for years...even after the regular customers protested against the change....

what is allentown turning into? pretty soon the fegleys will own allentown....

Anonymous said...

I went down to beer and blues event this past weekend.
Aside from the July 4th fireworks, I don't usually attend any of these city functions but
I like the blues and really like Mike Dugan so I walked the three blocks from my house to see the show.
Maybe 250 or 300 people were in attendance with probably at least half coming out to hear Mike.
On Hamilton St between 7th and 8th St, the shops were closed and chairs were haphazardly scattered in the street. Kind of sad looking.
As I approached the PP&L plaza I saw a fancy stage, neatly arranged seating in the street, tables in front of Sangria serving patrons, and the PP&L water works flowing.
A hand full of vendors hawking food.
Looking around, I saw a half dozen city police and a bunch of fire fighters directing traffic and generally wandering around.(am I paying for that?)
There was virtually nobody from my neighborhood - just 3 blocks away.
The expressions on the faces of locals as they hurried through was priceless.
Confusion to amusment to disbelief.... well not everyone loves the blues.
If this was supposed to bring business to king Ed's favored venues, it appeared to be a flop.
If you are a blues fan, the shows were excellent.

Monkey Momma said...

"What is Sara Hailstone doing in her director role?"

This is an excellent question. What are her day-to-day duties? What are her goals? Why haven't any of the businesses on Hamilton seen Hailstone?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 2:59, the merchants had no input or notice of that event, but lost a day's business. but i suppose that's nothing compared to losing their entire business to the arena- for which they also had no input or notice.


"There was virtually nobody from my neighborhood - just 3 blocks away.
The expressions on the faces of locals as they hurried through was priceless.
Confusion to amusment to disbelief.... well not everyone loves the blues."

The sad truth about this and other events in Allentown, is that not ONE City wide or City run event is inclusive or caters to the overwhelmingly URBAN demographic. We all pay taxes yet, the LOCALS have to create events for the LOCALS with LIMITED or NO City support or assistance.
After 3 years of "UPWARD BOUND, ALLENTOWN", (GOOGLE: UPWARD BOUND, ALLENTOWN I, II, III for photos and video)which had performances from local and regional musicians that ranged from rock, to hip-hop, to show tunes, to classical, we had crowds that ranged from 2-500 people and we brought vendors/businesses from all over the region, NYC, and NJ.
Unfortunately, no TRUE value was ever placed on the efforts of my associates and I. Maybe it was TOO inclusive. I allowed this event to be as DIVERSE as the City of Allentown. Perhaps that was MY mistake because per the negative comments, attitudes, and actions toward WE LOCAL residents, it doesn't seem we are wanted anyway.
BUT guess who saw my work and asked me to come and do the same for them with no city and insurance fees? You guessed it, THE DOWNTOWN BETHLEHEM ASSOCIATION for their CITY-WIDE ANNUAL ART WALK EVENT.

People say I gave up on A-town and that's not true. I championed it for years, along with my time, my money, and my efforts, but I believe the "powers that be" in A-town gave up on ME a long time ago.

Still LOVING AND LIVING in Allentown,



Anonymous said...

LVI- an oxymoron in itself. The classic gentrification approach to urban planning is inherently wrought with classicism and racism if not in it's design then in it's ultimate outcome.

You could do an award winning documentary if you traced the displacement that occurred over in the projects off Hanover Blvd. What a social debacle that is.

Sorry, it ain't going to happen in this rust bucket of a city. These elitist fools fail to even try and discern the trends unfolding in this country.

It is always "my (our) way or the highway" with them. Who says the current trend in Allentown is not going to continue to evolve into and even more thriving economic entity?

All these do-goobers (latent racists) point to 7Th Street and how wonderful that is. What, that kind of business is not good enough for Hamilton St?

Palowsky can't manage what he has and it p+++es him off.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Pawlowski was re-elected overwhelmingly.


Who voted for him?

What party are these people who voted for him in?

Let us put forth the same line of questioning to the Rubber Stamp Apparatchik City Council.

Yes, I do contend certain things, such as elections or the effects of listening to certain ideological Propaganda the last 30-40 years have consequences...

Who controls the Media?