May 17, 2011

A Quick Learner

In mid April, Ed Pawlowski told The Morning Call he didn't know anything about the merchants being made offers that they dare not refuse. Several days later, Sarah Hailstone told the merchants that the City was the undisclosed buyer. If you think Ed learned a lot in those three days, that's nothing compared to today. Although I didn't attend this morning's meeting with the Mayor and merchants, I did meet with several of the merchants later in the morning. Once again Pawlowski had pleaded ignorance. He didn't know why the Farr Building was the only property the Arena didn't need, in a square block. Strangely, I know; The Farr Building had received close to a $half million in subsidy from Pawlowski, to create loft apartments for the coming onslaught of young professionals with disposable income. It fits his vision, and it will remain. While Ed knew no details at 8:30 AM this morning, within a couple hours he was prepared to announce the arena to the media. I suppose he's a quick learner.

When a Mayor's eyes are bigger than the taxpayer's wallet: Story of a failed arena


Anonymous said...

This is another example of eminent domain abuse-whether this arena is a good idea or the worst, the real questions is it right for a government take a private property to let another private entity to use. My answer is who is safe? That is the real issue hear-can a government just use a law and stomp on a basic fundamental right of property ownership. ARE WE IN CHINA? or U.S.A?

Anonymous said...

The last refuge of scoundrels.....
Another travesty is happening here in Allentown.
Be at the City Hall on Wednesday the 18th at 7:30 PM.
Let your voice be heard.

michael molovinsky said...

the link to the failed arena article was provided by monkey momma

Anonymous said...

An excellent article in the link to the NYT. A lot of wisdom.

This thievery of properties from their owners is reprehensible.

The mayor is a thug and is incapable of discerning reality from the megalominical fantasy that seems to have dominated his cranium.

A dark day in Allentown will descend when the mayor defecates on the store owners and by proxy every citizen.

The death of outrage is a sad sad thing.

Anonymous said...

Chicago politics...period!

Anonymous said...

Morning Call writer Matt Assad wrote: "The mayor's offer of a fair price and help to relocate came one day before City Council is expected to approve a resolution allowing the city to claim eminent domain against any owners who don't accept the city's offer." So Assad declares the mayor's offer to be 'fair.' Gee, is that an editorial comment? Journalism is dead, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the Farr Building lives. Where else would the Marin's live?
Surely not Emmaus. lol

Anonymous said...

There will be one more Authority in Allentown if Pullpudsky gets his way.
Allentown already has too many authorities.
Another Quasi-legal organization with hand picked board members - but it will be a private entity.
In the same manner that Pullpudski
is trying to ram this rip-off home, the new "Allentown Sports Authority" will unanimously pass a new ordinance each and every time they become unhappy with citizens complaints. And vote also to raise fees.
And also to suck more taxes from us when it starts tanking.
It will quell all citizens complaints with : no one EVER complained about that before, thanks so much for bringing it to our attention.
They will hold open meetings at odd hours, and if you attend nothing but lip service will occur.
They will feel , as they do about their right to build an arena, that they are doing gods work with our money for us.
They will be untouchable.

Anonymous said...

My money, as always, is on the Mayor's Bulldozer.

It always wins --- and, thus, so do I.

Before you get TOO excited, Cheerleaders, bear in mind that I will NEVER spend a penny on the Pawlowski Pucksters or the Palace of Sport.

Nevertheless, I will congratulate you on your great victory ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

May 17, 2011 12:45 PM from Hardball for Hockey

The person who posted the above said the merchants are fools for not selling.

Why is somebody a fool for wanting to protect his property? He worked hard to pay for it and is making a living on it.

Would he call somebody a fool for not selling their home if that person had no where else to live? these businesses are LOSING their livelihood! how would you like it if you lost your job?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17,

Can you please specifically cite the part in the "Hardball for Hockey" post that states the merchants are fools for not selling?

Or, if "posted above" was referring to ME, can you please show me where I said the merchants are fools for not selling?

I am having great difficulty recollecting your version of things...

Thank you in advance as your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Anon 1:10

PS - Go Bulldozers! I have seen the Progressive Liberal Pawlowski Machine in action too many times, so you are damn right I bet on them...

Anonymous said...

Er, ah, that should be BULLYING Pawlowski Progressive Liberal Machine.

Sorry for the oversight.

Anon 1:10

Anonymous said...

April 22, 2009
by Christina Gostomski


Anonymous said...

The Morning Call --- TODAY


Always bet on the bullying Bulldozer!

Thank you, City Council. I always knew you would be nothing more than a RUBBER STAMP!

I love the smell of rubber stamp in the morning...

...smells like...