May 18, 2011

Another Day, Another Battle

Sometimes in democracy there is no rest for the citizens. Last night the citizens of Northampton County won a major battle against what was essentially a two man decision. Despite pre-determined studies and other fabricated data, the voters chose dignity for their elderly. Tonight, Allentown City Council will vote to irrevocably change the nature of our downtown, based on the whims of one man. Like Northampton, he had studies done by the very people who would own the project. The mayor would dump our merchants, thinking that The Pawlowski Sport and Event center will restore prosperity to center city. Most residents can only see traffic and inconvenience coming, and would favor the arena either at the river-front or Coca Cola Park. Please join me this evening at 7:30, to remind City Council that although they and Pawlowski were elected to manage the city, they don't own it.


  1. Still listed as anonymous for fear of retribution from the people whos salaries that my taxes pay.
    See you there.

  2. If Allentown city voters decided to tear down these city blocks, okay, but how does one man get to make a call to destroy two entire city blocks for some possible arena yet in Northampton, such a decision must come before the people via a referendum?

  3. In mid April, Ed Pawlowski told The Morning Call he didn't know anything about the merchants being made offers that they dare not refuse. Several days later, Sarah Hailstone told the merchants that the City was the undisclosed buyer. If you think Ed learned a lot in those three days, that's nothing compared to today. Although I didn't attend this "

    Won't the mayor be out of a job before this arena is completed?

  4. This is important:

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Morning Call writer Matt Assad wrote: "The mayor's offer of a fair price and help to relocate came one day before City Council is expected to approve a resolution allowing the city to claim eminent domain against any owners who don't accept the city's offer." So Assad declares the mayor's offer to be 'fair.' Gee, is that an editorial comment? Journalism is dead, isn't it?

    May 17, 2011 11:23 PM

  5. The anonymous comment just posted here reminds us of an "open" discussion on the Call's recent front page home economics in Allentown story where some say the wrong photograph was inserted for the lady quoted throughout the story A short time after the initial post the Call switched their online photo.

  6. Merchants who have a business want to stay....
    Residents who live there want to live....
    Property owners who bought real estate to just flip it - they are the ones accepting the sales offers. They do not even live in this state - they live in NJ and NY.

    City should have done THEIR job of cleaning out the empty, blighted buildings like many residents and merchants asked for. City should have shared their vision and worked with them.

    I'll be there tonight to support them.

  7. The council meeting is at 7:30.
    Show up early or the mayor will fill the room with minions and the fire marshal will close the doors.

  8. The "Tribune of the People" is on the job! Laus deo.

  9. My money, as always, is on the Mayor's Bulldozer.

    The unstoppable always wins and I always collect.

    I will not be spending my winnings on ice hockey at the Pawlowski Palace of Sport, however.

    Sorry, Cheerleaders.

    As you should have learned from "White Men Can't Jump" :

    Sometimes, when you win - you really lose.

  10. May 18, 2011 1:07 PM

    My money, as always, is on the Mayor's Bulldozer.

    Another mouth from the mayors office being supported by our taxes.
    Threats and arrogance.
    That's what we voted for.

  11. anon 3:13, i assure you that anon 1:07 does not support the mayor's plan, he only doubts the viability of fighting city hall.

  12. Anon 3:13,

    I could tell you that Mr. Molovinsky is absolutely spot on and advise you to bear in mind that Anonymous posters are never anonymous to him...

    ...or I could tell you that I am an untouchable, Union-supporting Progressive Liberal Democrat and remind you that Pawlowski won the last mayoral election with an overwhelming 75% of the vote.

    In other words, "I (Pawlowski) won", to quote President Obama, so you can just go ahead and kindly shut up now.

    (Chris Casey at LVPoliblog published the actual winning margin, in case you need some verfication of the landslide victory)

    Hear what you want and have an extremely relaxing and pleasant day!

    Anon 1:07

    PS --- I wonder how many people who voted for Pawlowski are now disgusted and sickened by this latest episode of local Big Government doing whatever the hell it wants?

  13. anon 1:07 aka 6:16. although it's true that i do recognize some people by their statements, i want to clarify that i have no computer tracking programs, skills or interest. anonymous comments here are anonymous.

  14. Mr. Molovisnky,

    Fair enough.

    There are different types of blogs with different capablities and settings to be activated / disabled by the individual blogger, no question.

    I have a blogger friend who always knows who everyone is. For the record, it should be pointed out all comments must be approved at THAT blog. Which is, of course, not the case here.

    So maybe that is the source of my confusion...please accept my apologies for my error.

    Anon 1:07 & 6:16

  15. April, 2009 :

    The Morning Call publishes an article written by Kristina Gostomski


    A local Muhlenberg College professor who shall remain nameless here is quoted often.

    Good luck finding it, I believe TMC took down.

    Fortunately, hard copies remain...

    ...a blind man will see the blatant Hypocrisy now prominently on display at TMC after reviewing this piece.

    Meanwhile, I'd love to hear the Muhlenberg professor weigh in on the hockey arena...

  16. Ah hah! Found it online afterall :

    April 22, 2009
    "Explain It To Me! Why Are We Financing Stadiums?"

    by Christina Gostomski

  17. The Morning Call - TODAY



    ALWAYS bet on the bullying Bulldozer...

    Always vote Progressive Liberal Democrat...

    Thank you, City Council as I had every confidence you would be nothing more than a RUBBER STAMP!


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