May 21, 2011

Pawlowski's Sham

Chester is a city plagued by high levels of poverty and crime rates. Elected officials promise that a soccer stadium, financed heavily by taxpayer dollars, will be part of solving Chester's economic woes. Governor Rendell said, "I believe this guarantees that Chester will be one of the first-class cities in Pennsylvania."

Yet economic research finds that athletic stadiums do not result in economic growth. Economist Phillip Miller demonstrated in his empirical study of St. Louis that stadium construction has no net effect on employment. Economics professor Ian Hudson found similar evidence. Other studies, including Dennis Coates and Brad Humphrey's analysis, "The Stadium Gambit and Local Economic Development," are even more pessimistic. Coates and Humphrey go beyond claiming that stadium development has no benefit for local economic development, concluding that projects actually have a negative effect on real per-capita income.

Politicians have a penchant for giving handouts to new facilities. They seem to believe they can hoodwink voters with a fa├žade of progress. Construction offers the illusion of economic progress, and ceremonies to award tax dollars for new projects make elected officials look and feel like they are helping their constituents. But sports stadiums represent more “political development” for lawmakers than economic development for citizens.

The plan sounded great... build a midsize arena, stuff it with sports, music acts and monster trucks and create a centerpiece for the new city center...But trouble started almost from the day the doors of Santa Ana Star Center opened in 2006. Arena in New Mexico

Chester is poised to experience what other communities across the country have learned: athletic parks are no panacea for community revitalization. The benefits of sports stadiums are grossly over-sold by politicians and become extremely costly to taxpayers.

The enthusiasm of elected officials to build a soccer stadium in Chester is misguided, at best. At worst, it represents a waste of taxpayer dollars and an economic sham. It is unfortunate that political calculations are trumping sound public policies that would foster real economic growth and true revitalization in Chester. Reducing the tax and regulatory burdens on job creators would bring more lasting improvements to Chester. Harrisburg’s corporate welfare is a flagrant foul and deserves a “red card” from all taxpayers.

The above article excerpted from The Commonwealth Foundation
Update on Chester Stadium: Portrait of a boondoggle

video's created by IMANTREK for Grounzero Magazine


Anonymous said...

Our Allentown mobster reads the same trade journal.

Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

I'm sure that the elitists on Chester's City Council knew what was best for them as well.

michael molovinsky said...

patrick, all members of allentown city council, save for jeanette eichenwald, the lone no vote, own this sham with pawlowski

Anonymous said...

The standard for making any decision in Allentown is - what Ed wants, Ed gets. If they have information the public does not, as Guidy alluded to the other evening, isn't that a violation of the Sundhine Law?

Anonymous said...

Aside from mayor pulpudski and his minions, I have encountered total opposition across the entire city of Allentown. From the west side to the east and throughout center city not one citizen I have spoken with has anything positive to say about about this boondoggle being foisted upon us by the arrogant corrupt thieves in office.
This is a scam, originally perpetrated by other crooks in other cities, and now being copied by our moron mayor and his city crackers.( minus Ms. Eichenwald)

Anonymous said...

All with Morning Call collusion.

Monkey Momma said...

I would have to agree that the Morning Call appears to be a conspirator in this particular fiasco? Where is the analysis of this project? Where is a the list of pros and cons??

I have two questions about this plan:
1. Is there going to be a lawsuit?
2. Was there ever any public discussion about this arena, prior to the eminent domain vote? Why hasn't Council evaluated the merits of this project in public?

I do not understand why normal city business takes months (sometimes YEARS), yet a huge arena gets fast tracked with absolutely no public discourse or serious consideration.

Thanks again to Molovinsky for bringing insight to this arena. Withough "Molovinsky on Allentown," there would literally be no forum for an honest evaluation of the Pawlowski Palace of Sport.

michael molovinsky said...

i don't know about the morning call and this blog. i can tell you that every city reporter has told me that they read this blog, and has thanked me for information learned. although both the easton express times and wfmz quoted me from wednesday's council meeting, once again neither I or this blog was mentioned, or linked to in the morning call article.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant, colluding, crooks.
Some highlights of the council meeting:

Monkey Momma said...

Sorry to be a comment hog, but I came across a Morning Call article dated 3/6/11. One thing that caught my eye was this:

"The tool is the linchpin in Pawlowski's plans for an Allentown Entertainment District, which would feature not only the arena but also a community events center and a third anchor attraction."

Has there been any public discussion about this "Entertainment District"? What is the next block to be chopped in the name of eminent domain?

As far as I understand it, this new tax zone for development is quite large. Where is the map of this zone, and which businesses could fall within this 130 acres of potential development?

When this tax zone was created in 2009 by Rendell, it seemed to be with the understanding that the Riverfront would be developed. Already, we are seeing the rules changed dramatically. I want to know what the next step is in Pawlowski's "Entertainment District." I am afraid that the hockey arena is simply step one.

Finally, here is a very interesting article on the economics of sports arenas that are taxpayer funded. Very disturbing:

Thanks again - I will be quiet now!

Anonymous said...

"moron mayor and city crackers"

Gee, there is no RACISM in THIS statement is there?

How ironic, this....What percentage of Allentown's minorities have voted for King Ed and the "city crackers" on City Council in the past?

Moreover, it is well-known by all that (Progressive Liberal) Democrats routinely sell themselves as the champions of the Minority.

Meanwhile, Republicans/Conservatives are systematically and continuously assaulted and smeared as nothing BUT racists and bigots --- with everyone in the Main Stream Media more than happy to justify the charges 24/7.

So, yes, it would be quite hilarious, indeed, to learn that the "champions" don't really give a damn about the "constituency"...

...because the champions learned a long, long time ago that the constituency has no real political alternative...

...and the champions know full well that the contituency WILL appear on election day and vote the same way no matter what!

I contend that the Mayor and his cracker minions are not as moronic as some obviously think.

michael molovinsky said...

monkey momma, this blog is withholding a bombshell at the source's request.

Anonymous said...

At the council meeting, the city solicitor loudly and angrily dressed down a woman attorney.
Was this about the Butz Center?
The city now owns it?
Butz got a ten year tax relief deal and was abandoning ship after nine years?
Is this now prime real estate?
Was this intended from the day it was built?
Is the above incorrect?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is it the "Brooks brothers" or is it "The Brooks Group"?
BIG difference.
High power investors or Trust fund brats?
"Brooks Brothers Caught Again"

Anonymous said...

@ 5:28 Anon :

Every article I have ever read about the owner of the Phantoms, the AHL minor league hockey team of the Philadelphia Flyers, refers to the owners as "the Brooks Group of Pittsburgh, Pa"

Anonymous said...
Well, here's one you haven't read.
This deal is with trust fund kids!
What crap!

Anonymous said...

the Times of India is running this issue.

Anonymous said...

Just watched these videos. Heavy duty stuff. Wondering why people in Allentown are letting this happen. The so called hockey rink will not help the downtown. In fact, it may hurt the city in the long run. In the meantime, family's and businesses have been wrecked. Allentown is a good city that his in a heavy transition. Too bad those of european descent have fled to the burbs. A new Allentown is emerging with an urban and latin flair. Instead of fighting it and thinking that european type of models will bring back those people, its time for City to accept its future and embrace it!!