May 20, 2011

Barack and Bibi

In United States, one well read speech at a national convention can put you in the White House four years later. In Israel, the price of admission is much higher. Sabena Flight 571 was hijacked on May 8, 1972. When an elite team of Israeli commandoes burst into the plane, they were led by Ehud Barak. Barak would later become Prime Minister, and currently serves as Defense Minister. One of the commandoes was shot by friendly fire in the close quarter gunbattle. That former commando is in Washington today, to speak with the former speech reader. Although Binyamin Netanyaho would recover from his bullet wound, four years later, his brother was killed leading the raid to free the hostages at Entebbe.
We did not look for wars. They were forced upon us. But when we were attacked, we did not have the right to lose a single time. And when we won we returned to seeking peace. Today, I suggest to those who seek war not to make the same mistake again. Do not disrespect our ability ... we are prepared to physically defend our land and morally defend our heritage.        Shimon Peres, May 9, 2011
photo of Israeli Commando Binyamin Netanyaho


  1. Referring to our president as a "speech reader" is beyond the pale. State that you disagree with his statement regarding the 1967 borders. Disagree with policy. To disparage our leader is not helpful especially with 2 wars and major crises here and around the world.

  2. Gary -

    I won't even comment on the details of the President's speech.

    I find it ridiculous that our President - who campaigned against the US imposing its will on other countries - views speech-making as a means of foreign policy.

    To everyone, it will appear that the US is trying to call the shots. Worse yet, the speech undercuts negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Trying to negotiate in public or through speeches never works. For MM to call the President a "speech reader" is actually quite generous. I can think of quite a few other names for him.

    For now, I'll just say the President is acting (to use his own word) "stupidly".

  3. gary, actually i was going to make this post before current events. i did add about the meeting today to make it timely, but my point was not to be disparaging toward obama. we have an audio visual society, which enabled obama to propel himself basically on his gift of oratory. his actual experience was virtually nonexistent. on the other hand, israeli leaders have been integrally involved in the history of that country. btw, beyond the pale is another term from jewish history.


  5. gary, now that i have explained the background of this post, let me actually address obama's recent speech. obama states what israel's boundaries should be, in exchange for the other side recognizing that the jews have a right to live?

  6. If only Bin Laden would have lived for Obama's speech last night. He would have been so proud.

  7. GL, wake up! The president IS a speech reader. He is also a Muslim that hates the Jews. His last speech reading suggests that he cares about the Palestinians but could not care less about the security of Israel. A slick speaker does NOT equate to a leader. What business does he have discussing or recommending policy for Israel?

  8. It saddens me that almost 80% of Jews votes for this calamity we call our president. The office "a thing" doesn't make the presidency, the "Man" makes the presidency!

  9. Gary, our President had virtually no experience other than reading speeches - which he does exceedingly well - when he took office. That is a simple fact.

    He also takes time from his schedule to disparage anyone who dares disagree with him. His most recent example - the 'moats with alligators' immigration reform speech in Texas last week.

    Once Obama shows he's a leader instead of a speech writer, he'll have come a long way. In the meantime, if he plans on dishing it out, he needs to take it.

  10. The Serial-Liar-In-Chief has clearly violated his own often-stated policy that the United States has NO RIGHT to IMPOSE its will on other sovereign nations...

    ...Egypt, Libya, Syria and now, Israel, have all been specifically told what to do by President Abomination, the first pro-radical Islamic terrorist leader in American history.

    The first U.S. President to bow to a Saudi King, I might add...

    ...what an absolute disgrace, this telepromter reader.

  11. What a loud and clear message for the United States to send to the rest of the world :

    Long-time ally and friend carries no weight whatsoever...

    ...the Community Organizer and Teleprompter Reader Extraordinaire Barrack Hussein Obama will throw you, too, under the bus if it suits his radical Agenda and pleases his buddies in Hamas.

  12. Israel gives up land in excahnge for the right to live and not have Hamas-governed Palestinians lob rockets across the border all the time?

    Gee, sounds like a square deal, Mr. Molovinsky.

    Better take it --- OR ELSE!!!

  13. ironpig and others, although i realize that this post presents an opportunity to tee off on obama, i request that you show restraint, so that the uniformed about israel will not be discouraged from participating.

    netanyahu is well equipped to articulate israel's point of view. i do agree that many jews who voted for obama may now have reason to pause

  14. I don't much like our officials trying to control foreign nations policy.
    Are all borders at issue?
    Looking at the map I see four disputed borders.(?)
    Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Palestine?
    Were the people living in these disputed areas there prior to the formation of Israel?
    Is Palestine a rogue state or a country?

  15. Mr. Molovinsky,

    You are well aware that I always do my best to abide by your rulings and judgments here as this is your house...

    ...and I will again.

    However, it is very hard to not point out Obama, himself, opened himself up for any and all commentary today based on his own clear actions and words.

    Respectfully yours


  16. "To disparage our leader"

    1. Telling the truth is not disparaging!
    2. Obama is no leader!

  17. MM -

    I know you don't want to bash Obama, but I saw the joint press conference earlier today with the President and the Israeli PM Netanyaho.

    Mr. Netanyaho clearly explained the situation and why the President's naive suggestions made yesterday wouldn't work. It was as if Netayaho were educating a school child. In addition, although Netanyaho was looking at the President, he (Netanyaho) also appeared to be speaking directly - without Tele-prompter - to the American people.

    By the end of his statement, there was no doubt as to who had a real grasp of the realities on the ground and who the real statesman was. Sadly, it wasn't our President.

  18. Mr. Molovinsky, I do not understand how The President can change the policies Israel and The United States have maintained since 1948.There will never good relations between the Palestinians and Israel.A few signatures on a piece of paper are meaningless.

  19. "i do agree that many jews who voted for obama may now have reason to pause"

    It's a bit late for pause! Without the backing of the US, Israel is left to fend for themselves. What can Israel do to protect themselves from an all out attack from any of the Muslim countries? What shapes Israeli policy with the Muslim countries without US backing? Just the threat of US backing has helped to stave off the radical Muslim countries from attacking Israel. Israel no longer has that security. What will Obama do next? Give Netanyahu a library of Obama speeches on cd as a token of his commitment to Israel? Netanyahu is 10 times the man that Obama is and Obama treats him like dirt! Please excuse me for using the word "man" when referring to Obama!

  20. anon 4:20: you write statements on a piece of paper are meaningless israel returned sinai to egypt for such a piece of paper. sinai is about five times the area of israel itself. in it they (israel) developed a natural gas field and a world class tourist resort. now egypt has stopped selling israel gas that it could have kept, and threatens to end any benefit the treaty had for israel. the palestinians shout from the river to the sea that means they want a palestine that goes from the jordan to the mediterranean, where an israel would no longer exist.

  21. Gamesmanship required the obligatory "bah!" be issued as you blew your referee's whistle earlier today.

    But, as I have told you before, Mr. Molovinsky, it is a fact my players trust you to call things fairly and consistently, in direct contrast to others in the Blogosphere. Which is just one reason why dissent is kept at a minimum and we never riot at YOUR futbol matches.

    "Just relax, boys...Bibi Netanyaho ain't gonna let nobody push Israel around. Trust me."

    To be quite frank, THIS is what my players needed to both hear and believe in earlier this day.

    Once again, your unique abilities to both maintain order as well as manufacture genuine faith and trust in the diplomatic process prove themselves to be of the highest class.

    And, once again, the Israeli Prime Minister has shown himself to be, also of the highest class, both a great statesman and true champion for his people.

    Calm and collected, yet focused and firmly committed --- all the while with his back pressed clearly up against the wall by an alleged 'ally' that acts more like a belligerent aggressor.

    But, the former commando who took a bullet for his country and lost his brother to terrorists at Entebbe clearly schooled the career Community Agitator-turned-Teleprompter Reader with respect to the realities of the situation.

    A dazzling display, indeed.


  22. When will American Jews wake up to the duplicitousness of the liberals? Hard to believe that Israel has to rely on American Christians in their fight for survival.

  23. MM,
    Is this yours? or a mirror?

  24. "Hard to believe that Israel has to rely on American Christians"

    Christians yes, liberals no! The correct definition of a Christian does not include "do it if it feels good abortion loving" liberals! The truth matters!

  25. It is interesting. MM attacks and ridicules the president, the mayor, the school superintendent and a county executive. Does anybody sense a pattern? MM promotes zeppelins, boxers and now gorilla fighters. Does anyone sense a pattern here? Most of the posters on this blog love to hate and disparage their enemies--bureaucrats, liberals, the poor, Muslims, Palestinians, and politicians. It sounds like there are some angry frustrated old white men who lack impotence.

  26. oh a big typo above, I meant importance not impotence. No viagra for these guys.

  27. Better than living off the teat of government.
    And citizens have every right to call foul when needed - and it is REALLY needed with the bungling criminals currently "running" our city.
    Federal policy needs discussion too.
    Dream up some more big money hole ideas to fix everything.

  28. I guess it is better, and perhaps more exciting, to boff the poor than suck the teat of our government.

  29. anon 7:53, thanks for making me aware of that site. i have no connection with it what so ever, and no explanation.

    gary, imo, there is no neurotic pattern here, i simply tell it like it is. zahorchak made the school system top heavy with administrators. pawlowski picked the wrong location with unnecessary consequences. although netanyahu was never a gorilla fighter, he did stand up to obama's poorly thought out, but well delivered speech.

  30. Mr. Molovinsky,

    It is easy to see who has the REAL mental disorder...


  31. Obama was schooled and left looking like a complete fool.

    No amount of BS Psycho Babble Yack from GL will change that.

    I have never seen the President of the United States make such an ass of himself.

    Period, point blank and simple.

    Suck it up.

  32. its about time we had a pres with the gonads to challenge the Jewish lobby in USA. We are Americans, not Isrealis!

  33. "Most of the posters on this blog love to hate and disparage their enemies--bureaucrats, liberals, the poor, Muslims, Palestinians, and politicians."
    How about the bashing we take on our income and our freedoms from the Democrat politicians?

    We don't dislike the poor, we dislike the lazy who choose to be government dependents at our expense.

    What about 90% of the "institutionalized" media and the president himself always bashing his own American citizens because they disagree with him, especially conservatives? Then there is the leftist bias in our government schools, in the universities and in the entertainment media as well. All we have are the blog sights!
    This country is fouled up mainly because of the failures of liberal government and the people that vote for them! There is corruption and organized crime in the unions and they always support the Democrats! Why? When conservative politicians screw up, they are held accountable by their own and the conservative people. When liberal politicians screw up, they are promoted and idolized like Clinton was for chasing after interns and taking bags of money from the Chinese.
    How many of Clinton's associates and "friends" died in office under mysterious circumstances VS Reagan or Bush? It's astounding to me what the liberal voters are willing to put up with to get their promises of entitlements and to keep abortion legal! It's really a matter of our moral values, isn't it?

  34. I guess it is better, and perhaps more exciting, to boff the poor than suck the teat of our government.

    May 21, 2011 9:18 AM

    Boff the poor man??
    Waste 100000000 dollars of tax money on a private (sports) project and then talk about boffing the poor man?
    Really rich.

  35. anon 10:54, i don't see this as a challenge to the powerful jewish lobby, i see it as an attempt to tell an ally how they must negotiate with their security. how ironic that obama sees the chaos in egypt as democracy, tolerates the slaughter in syria, but tells the one true democracy in the region what to do.

  36. I think only someone who has a serious mental disorder would give a great speech to tell the world that the United States has NO RIGHT to IMPOSE ITS WILL on any other sovereign nation...

    ...then turns around and tells Egypt, Libya, Syria and, most recently, Israel, what to do.

    I think only someone with a mental disorder would start attacking people and labeling / smearing them as "angry old white men who lack impotence"...

    ...because President Telepromter tried to tell a REAL LEADER OF A NATION, Bibi Netanyahu, what to do and was left to look like a complete jackass at the end of the day.

  37. That would be Teleprompter...

    ...but the applicable people being spoken to still get the crystal clear message.

    (Sorry, but defending BLATANT HYPOCRISY is a rather hazardous position to adopt)

  38. MM, 10:54.
    Good points. I admire your courage in speaking up for Israel. Not a popular thing to do these days.

    Anon 10:54, Oh, I wonder what Jewish Lobby? Soros and his buddies?


  39. gary ledebur said...

    MM promotes zeppelins, boxers and now gorilla fighters.

    Gary -

    Actually, I wish MM would do a post on GORILLA fighters. All the main stream media ever seems to cover is GUERILLA fighters.

  40. What do gorillas fight about?
    thanks for the laugh.

  41. gorilla v guerilla

    by product : NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND?


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